Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dragon Quest Cross Stitch Patterns Done in the Style of NES Final Fantasy Games (This blog is nothing if not practical.)

Hello! This is probably my last post on this blog for January 2010, which I'm sure is a very momentous occasion that I ought to take a few moments to celebrate. I'm all hopped up on cookies and diet coke, though, so that probably isn't going to happen. Instead, I am going to take this time to post some cross stitch patterns of girls from Dragon Quest games that I made last night when I could have been eating more cookies and drinking more diet coke.

Before I actually post the patterns, I should probably explain why they exist. Due to my ongoing fascination with unlicensed Chinese NES versions of games from later consoles, I started a sampler of some of the sprites from the NES version of Final Fantasy VII, of which I've posted some patterns for on this blog before, and extended it to include some sprites from a reported and unfinished Japanese version of Final Fantasy X for the NES. (More can be read and seen about this on, and even though the plausibility of the project is very dubious, it's still interesting and, more importantly, extremely cute.) Though the sprites I edited and charted from these games turned out to be more than good enough for my purposes, I wanted a couple more to finish it out and turned to a Chinese NES version of Dragon Quest VIII to see if it had a nice sprite of Jessica I could use to join the pattern's ranks. After watching some gameplay video on Youtube, however, I realized that while the NES Final Fantasy VII is, in fact, Final Fantasy VII, dead girls and exploding buildings and all, NES Dragon Quest VIII is about some guy with frighteningly big eyes and blue ponytail that visits a lot of houses. Because of this, I did some editing to make an NES Final Fantasy style sprite of Jessica on my own, and then, when I was done with that, did one of Dragon Quest IV's Meena, because she's spiffy and has a nice outfit.

And before you say anything, yes, I do know that Dragon Quest IV was on the NES to start with, but I wanted a sprite of her to match the rest of them, so that's why I made a new one. If there is still any fan base eye-twitching going on, know that I am virtually sticking my tongue out at you.

After all of that unnecessary exposition, I suppose I'd better actually post the patterns, so here they are!

As you can probably immediately tell, these patterns have a lot more colors than an actual NES sprite would have, but that shouldn't at all impede your stitching or beading or perler beading speed if you decide to make this. I've already stitched Meena since making the pattern last night, and she only took an episode of The Mighty Boosh, half an episode of Darkplace, and about an hour and a half of morning news, making the total time for the pattern around 2 hours and 15 minutes. The fact that I was only working on it after midnight and before 11 probably means that she'd be a lot faster for people that were fully awake while working on the project. Though I haven't made Jessica yet, I can't imagine she'd be much different, unless she turns out to be some sort of cross stitching vortex to hell.

Well, aside from my usual note that if you make any of the patterns from this blog into a craft, I'd love to see your work and, if sent a photo, will write all about it right here, I'm done for now. Until my next post, though, I hope that all of you have a nice end to January and start to February!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fashionable and Fabulous Reader Projects!

Hello! As promised yesterday, I have some extremely spiffy projects from readers, so before going on about completely irrelevant things too much, I will actually post the aforementioned projects, starting with M.Y.C.'s video of a beaded Brainy Smurf, taken from one of the first patterns posted here!

Just as was the case with her adorable video of her Ponyo beadwork, I'm really fond of this video and impressed by the beadwork itself! Brainy Smurf looks perfect, down to the Smurf blue beads (which are probably more accurate than the cartoon itself was, since the Smurfs seemed to change colors every few frames), and it's fun to see how the beading itself was done. Plus, the song that plays in the background of the video is really cute sounding, which is always a nice touch.

The next project for presentation here was stitched by Tracy, who has a really nifty gallery on Cyberstitchers at this link, and it takes part of the previously posted Hotel Mario pattern and applies it to a lovely green shirt!

The stitching on this project is incredibly tidy and detailed, which is impressive in itself, but even cooler when it's taken into consideration that this was done on waste canvas, which adds an extra layer of difficulty onto any cross stitching project. On her Cyberstitchers gallery, Tracy also notes that the color of the T-shirt also cuts the harshness of the vast amounts of orange in the pattern (which I should probably do something about), making the green of the shirt itself both fashionable and practical! The declaration of membership in Team Mario is cool, too, since Mario's done a lot more princess-saving and turtle-stompin' than several other fictional figures gathering teams right now, not to mention his superior skills in edutainment, athletics, partying, and, of course, toast making.

Though I don't have any other craft projects to put in this post, I do have one last thing to put here in the form of a drawing that DeviantArt's Mimi-Imi did of one of my characters, a girl named Miela that I made up for a short story and then continued to use for the purposes of making stuff up.

It would be quite easy to dismiss this (which can be seen as a full sized image upon clicking on this pretty rainbow text) as being unrelated to this blog, but the first thing I have to say is that it's really cute and I like it, so it gets to stay here. If you look at it, however, it is actually in step with the themes of this blog in that she is stitching something and, just as importantly, in that it coordinates really nicely with the blog's current color scheme, though I think that part is more of a coincidence. Thank you for the drawing, Mimi-Imi!

Anyway, after so many things to post, the only rational thing to do is post the Dork Stitch Gold Star for M.Y.C.'s Brainy Smurf and Tracy's Mario, as well as Mimi-Imi's drawing and all 22 of this blog's followers!

As you can see, rather than being one gold star, this is 29 origami stars (with the very cool Pokemon themed lucky star folding paper designed by Deviant Art's Subtleknees, who you should definitely visit if you want to make lucky stars of your own, since she has tons of cute and interesting folding paper, and the photo taken by my sister, who has the Deviant Art user name of Indieposernerd) in the shape of a heart on a slightly gold-ish background. In terms of accuarcy, it is not very good as a gold star, but I wanted to make something bigger than normal because not only are the projects, as always, really cool, but because I really appreciate the fact that all of you guys watch and read this blog! Thank you for reading these posts, looking at the patterns, and sending in your projects! Without all of that, I'd just be playing Pangya and eating candy right now.

There's not really any significance to the fact that there's 29 of the stars, though. That's just how it happened to work out.

Just as I always say, if you decide to stitch any of the patterns found here at Dork Stitch, or use them for any other craft, for that matter, send me a photo or a video or something and I'll feature you right here! I should be back with a new post very soon, but, until then, have a nice continuing week and a good end of the month!

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Placeholder Post, Complete With An FFVIII Pattern!

Hello! It's been 10 days since I posted here, and I have a couple of very spiffy reader projects to put on this blog. I am not quite done with the gold stars for these yet, though, so this post is partially to say that I haven't forgotten about posting these projects and realize that I am taking quite a while to get them up here. However, this post is also here for a spiffy new pattern from a decade old video game!

Today's pattern comes from Final Fantasy VIII, which, as I am very on top of current gaming trends, is the RPG that I'm currently playing. When I was in 8th grade, I made it through the first disc, but then, for some reason, put it away and didn't get it back out until last year. Even then, I didn't really play it much, since getting the Playstation out usually meant that I wanted to pretend to kick someone in the face, which quite a few games were better about letting me do. A little before Christmas, though, I wanted to play an RPG and couldn't really pick one, so when one of my brothers started playing Final Fantasy VII, I decided to get the eighth one back out and start it over. I'm past the first disc now, meaning that I beat my old level of progress, but it is sort of annoying that dinosaurs can kill you dead when you haven't saved for an hour. Still, I admire that it has a boss named NORG, without the all caps thing being a typo or anything, since apparently, his evil is so great that his name must be yelled rather than spoken, even if it's in the middle of a sentence.

Anyway, as you can see, the Final Fantasy VIII pattern I was building up to with an excruciating lack of speed is of Rinoa, a character who I don't want to say much about, seeing as I have a lot of nicknames that I tend to say when she pops up on screen and not many of them are very complimentary. I thought she'd be fun to cross stitch, though, so I made a pattern of her and decided it was nice enough to put here, mostly because I think her strange coat-thing came out well. Though there are quite a few shades of blue and gray in this, they could probably be doubled, so she should be pretty fast and easy to stitch. Plus, if she's just on fabric, she'll have no way of throwing off your major political maneuvers, which is always a plus!

If you decide to stitch any of the patterns here, including today's lovely depiction of Rinoa, send me a photo and I'll post it for all to see, as my next post will prove! Until then, I hope that all of you have a nice day and a week full of non-apocalyptic events!

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Think There's Some Plutonium in Watchmen-World's Water...

Hello! I haven't posted here in a while, just like it always is when I start a new post, but today seems like it's a fine day to pollute the internet with my nonsense. I'm in quite a good mood, since I got a Girls Aloud album (imported from Malaysia, of course) in the mail today, and then got some VHS of Tiny Toons and a cross stitch patterns flyer at a thrift store, so that ought to stave off the endless and insufferable angst that usually plagues this blog. What's most important about this post, however, is that one of this blog's readers, Deviant Art's ace stitcher Coincollect408 (who has a page very worth checking out, especially in regards to a huge and photorealistic Star Trek piece) has done another rendition of the Rorschach pattern posted here a few months ago.

Though this project is really cool all around, what I think is really interesting about it is that all of the white space around Rorschach is filled in with stitches in glow in the dark floss. I think it's sort of cool that both of the Rorschachs stitched so far have been glow in the dark, especially since Anna Angell's was a glowing Rorshach, while this is more of a stuff-that-surrounds Rorshach glowing in the dark piece. I'm also impressed by the fact the Coincollect408 had the patience and fortitude to stitch all of the white spaces, and in four days, no less. I think that if I undertook that project, my attention span is so bad that I would work on it for a few weeks, maybe for 10 minutes a day, before I ended up shoving it in a box and never looking at it again. Anyway, if you'd like to see this piece in its full glory, please visit it on Coincollect408's Deviant Art page at this link! For now, however, I have to close this post by awarding Coincollect408 with a Dork Stitch gold star, made just this afternoon with Perler beads and an iron to look sort of like the very subject of her stitching!

As always, if you decide to stitch any of the patterns found on this blog and send a photo of your finished work, you could be the subject of a post much like this one, announcing your awesomeness to the entire internet! Either way, I hope that you have a good weekend and keep watching for more patterns and lovely finished projects here at Dork Stitch!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Tried To Come Up With a Bad Mega Man/Cross Stitching Pun, But It Just Wasn't Working.

Hello! Before I say too much in this post, I have to start by saying that my siblings and I all got spiffy new video games for Christmas. I got Tekken 6 and Style Savvy, both of which I really enjoy, my sister got Gardening Mama, one of my brothers got Spirit Tracks, and my other brother got the Metroid Prime trilogy. That being said, both of my brothers have been spending a lot of time lately playing the Mega Man Battle Network games. I am not sure why they got the Battle Network stuff out in the first place, but it's been a fairly constant presence since, with the younger of my brothers tracking down a DS port of Battle Network 5 for DS and the older playing the copies we already had on his GBA. They've even gotten the DVDs we had of Mega Man NT Warrior, the anime based on the games (volumes 1 and 11 or 12, I forget which), and were watching them last week. Neither of them have gotten out the NT Warrior board game that we found at Big Lots back out, but I suspect it is only a matter of time.

With all of that said, I never really played the Battle Network games (even though one of my brothers handed me the first one with orders to play it), but I did like the anime, and as readers of this blog may have noticed, I totally support the playing of older video games that weren't all that popular in the first place. Because of that, I spent this afternoon making some cross stitch patterns of sprites from the Mega Man Battle Network games and have some of Mega Man and Roll to post today.

Both of these patterns have quite a few colors in them, 14 to be exact, and when combined with the small size of each pattern, I have to admit that they're not the easiest to stitch patterns I've ever posted here. Because of all of the color switching, though, I think they'd be fun to make, and the colors in the sprites themselves are quite nice, too. Plus, the world really needed these two Mega Man Battle Network cross stitch patterns, so even if they are a bit color-intensive, we now live in a society better for having seen them.

Anyway, if you decide that you want to stitch these patterns, or any of the other patterns at Dork Stitch, send in a photo of your finished work to be featured on this blog. Other than that, I don't have too much to say, but I hope that all of you are having a nice week and a good start to 2010! I actually have some patterns saved up and ready to post right now, too, so, at least for the time being, this blog will continue to have posts and such!