Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dragon Quest Cross Stitch Patterns Done in the Style of NES Final Fantasy Games (This blog is nothing if not practical.)

Hello! This is probably my last post on this blog for January 2010, which I'm sure is a very momentous occasion that I ought to take a few moments to celebrate. I'm all hopped up on cookies and diet coke, though, so that probably isn't going to happen. Instead, I am going to take this time to post some cross stitch patterns of girls from Dragon Quest games that I made last night when I could have been eating more cookies and drinking more diet coke.

Before I actually post the patterns, I should probably explain why they exist. Due to my ongoing fascination with unlicensed Chinese NES versions of games from later consoles, I started a sampler of some of the sprites from the NES version of Final Fantasy VII, of which I've posted some patterns for on this blog before, and extended it to include some sprites from a reported and unfinished Japanese version of Final Fantasy X for the NES. (More can be read and seen about this on, and even though the plausibility of the project is very dubious, it's still interesting and, more importantly, extremely cute.) Though the sprites I edited and charted from these games turned out to be more than good enough for my purposes, I wanted a couple more to finish it out and turned to a Chinese NES version of Dragon Quest VIII to see if it had a nice sprite of Jessica I could use to join the pattern's ranks. After watching some gameplay video on Youtube, however, I realized that while the NES Final Fantasy VII is, in fact, Final Fantasy VII, dead girls and exploding buildings and all, NES Dragon Quest VIII is about some guy with frighteningly big eyes and blue ponytail that visits a lot of houses. Because of this, I did some editing to make an NES Final Fantasy style sprite of Jessica on my own, and then, when I was done with that, did one of Dragon Quest IV's Meena, because she's spiffy and has a nice outfit.

And before you say anything, yes, I do know that Dragon Quest IV was on the NES to start with, but I wanted a sprite of her to match the rest of them, so that's why I made a new one. If there is still any fan base eye-twitching going on, know that I am virtually sticking my tongue out at you.

After all of that unnecessary exposition, I suppose I'd better actually post the patterns, so here they are!

As you can probably immediately tell, these patterns have a lot more colors than an actual NES sprite would have, but that shouldn't at all impede your stitching or beading or perler beading speed if you decide to make this. I've already stitched Meena since making the pattern last night, and she only took an episode of The Mighty Boosh, half an episode of Darkplace, and about an hour and a half of morning news, making the total time for the pattern around 2 hours and 15 minutes. The fact that I was only working on it after midnight and before 11 probably means that she'd be a lot faster for people that were fully awake while working on the project. Though I haven't made Jessica yet, I can't imagine she'd be much different, unless she turns out to be some sort of cross stitching vortex to hell.

Well, aside from my usual note that if you make any of the patterns from this blog into a craft, I'd love to see your work and, if sent a photo, will write all about it right here, I'm done for now. Until my next post, though, I hope that all of you have a nice end to January and start to February!

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