Friday, January 15, 2010

I Think There's Some Plutonium in Watchmen-World's Water...

Hello! I haven't posted here in a while, just like it always is when I start a new post, but today seems like it's a fine day to pollute the internet with my nonsense. I'm in quite a good mood, since I got a Girls Aloud album (imported from Malaysia, of course) in the mail today, and then got some VHS of Tiny Toons and a cross stitch patterns flyer at a thrift store, so that ought to stave off the endless and insufferable angst that usually plagues this blog. What's most important about this post, however, is that one of this blog's readers, Deviant Art's ace stitcher Coincollect408 (who has a page very worth checking out, especially in regards to a huge and photorealistic Star Trek piece) has done another rendition of the Rorschach pattern posted here a few months ago.

Though this project is really cool all around, what I think is really interesting about it is that all of the white space around Rorschach is filled in with stitches in glow in the dark floss. I think it's sort of cool that both of the Rorschachs stitched so far have been glow in the dark, especially since Anna Angell's was a glowing Rorshach, while this is more of a stuff-that-surrounds Rorshach glowing in the dark piece. I'm also impressed by the fact the Coincollect408 had the patience and fortitude to stitch all of the white spaces, and in four days, no less. I think that if I undertook that project, my attention span is so bad that I would work on it for a few weeks, maybe for 10 minutes a day, before I ended up shoving it in a box and never looking at it again. Anyway, if you'd like to see this piece in its full glory, please visit it on Coincollect408's Deviant Art page at this link! For now, however, I have to close this post by awarding Coincollect408 with a Dork Stitch gold star, made just this afternoon with Perler beads and an iron to look sort of like the very subject of her stitching!

As always, if you decide to stitch any of the patterns found on this blog and send a photo of your finished work, you could be the subject of a post much like this one, announcing your awesomeness to the entire internet! Either way, I hope that you have a good weekend and keep watching for more patterns and lovely finished projects here at Dork Stitch!

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  1. HaHa of course all right!~ I'm so so so happy to see someone who loves my work because In my thoughts, I think not much people aware this type of artwork.
    so yea, feel free to post it in your blog if you like!~ It's open to the public and you deserves a credit for the free pattern you provide!~