Monday, February 15, 2010

An 8-Bit RPG Style Lady Gaga Cross Stitch Pattern? Of Course the Internet Needs It!

Hello! Yesterday, when I was at Wal-Mart, I bought a graph paper notebook, which allows me to draw patterns while I'm sitting and watching TV, riding in a car, and doing several other things that would not allow me to turn on a computer and use Pattern Maker. Depending on your perspective, this is either a good or a bad thing. I see it as a good thing, because it allows me to do things like decide that I really need to make an 8-bit Dragon Quest style standee of Lady Gaga and then immediately sit down and draw a pattern out so that I can do just that. Some people may see it as a bad thing for exactly the same reason. Either way, that's what you're stuck with tonight.

I suppose I should explain what led to the Lady Gaga sprite and the subsequent cross stitch pattern, but it's really not that exciting. My sister and I were going to watch a rented copy of the Amityville Horror, but it had been watched and cleaned so many times that the disc had no grooves left on it, rendering the disc unreadable by either of the DVD players in our living room. This left us at the mercy of our television, which was fine for a while, since Boomerang had a Smurfs marathon on, which I normally find quite amusing. After one episode, however, where the Smurfs got lost at sea and wackiness followed, they started showing the crappy Johan and Peewit episodes, so it was decided that the channel needed to be changed. TV was not very good today, though, so my sister and I flipped it over to Fuse, where they seemed to be showing all of Lady Gaga's videos on a loop, watched a rotation of them, and then shut the TV off.

I told you it was a boring story, didn't I? Anyway, here's the Lady Gaga pattern in question, including a pixel-y hair bow made of hair, in all of its NES style glory.

Though I say this about a lot of my patterns, this one really is quick and easy to stitch. I didn't draw this pattern until after dinner, but I was still able to finish it before 10 o'clock. Part of the reason it took that long is because I was playing around with colors and backstitching, too, so it would likely be much faster in someone else's hands. The small size and lack of detail also makes it ideal for color changing, allowing for an easy transformation from a bizarre pop star to some other girl with a huge hair bow. Because I stitched her tonight, I can also provide an example of how this looks once it's completed, as seen on my illustrious Deviant Art page. (If you want to see this on Deviant Art, just follow this link, though you're really not missing anything by seeing it here.)

If this blog entry has made you feel that you too desperately need an inch tall cross stitched Lady Gaga, then send me a photo of your work and it'll be all over this blog in future entries! Otherwise, I'll be posting here again soon with more patterns, as I have quite a few right now, and work from readers. Until then, have a good week!

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  1. You need to do an outfit of her in her cloud outfit from the awards in the UK....LOL!!