Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lucky Star Folding Paper, Dork Stitch Style!

Hello! Today I wanted to post something a little different here, so I'm posting some printable origami star folding strips, rather than the standard cross stitch pattern. True, origami stars, or lucky stars, have very little to do with embroidery, but they're still crafty and fun. Plus, if you fill a big see-through container with them, as I've been trying to do for the past couple of days, the whole thing looks very cute, which is always a plus. The only problem with these stars is that folding enough of them to fill something up is extremely time consuming. I folded them for around two hours tonight, and probably for another two today, and have barely made enough of them to fill the bottom of the plastic Chinese take out box I would like to have loaded with them. This isn't a major complaint, but because of that, it makes things more fun to have star paper to use that's interesting or strange or cute. Because of this, I made myself two custom sheets of printable origami star strips featuring various characters from SNK games. (This reflects a sad level of fascination with these games, yes, but if you are a regular reader of this blog and surprised by what I've done, I am not sure what to say.)

At any rate, since this is sort of a craft-y blog, I decided to share these papers in case any of the rest of you wanted to try folding origami stars, or were in need of some new and brightly colored paper to fold them with! (If you've never made them before, has a really good instructions sheet, clear enough that I managed to follow it late at night on a day where I'd taken an exam. Read it here!)As my skill at drawing straight lines is not nearly where it should be, I used a template made by Deviant Art's Blackheartqueen, who can be found by clicking on her name! I then used Paint.NET to fill in the template with sprites and bright colors. They aren't the classiest looking star strips in the world, since I'm just learning to use the program I made them on, but from what I did this morning, they fold quite nicely. Without any further chattering, here are the star papers!

This is the first of the papers I made, featuring some charming pastels and the following sprites, from right to left. If it's not otherwise noted, I ripped the sprites myself.
Nakoruru, from the Samurai Shodown RPG- Sprite from The Fighter's Generation
Athena, from KOF 2001 Mobile- Sprite from The Sprite Database
Janne, from World Heroes Jet 2 for Game Boy
Whip, from SNK Gals Fighter- Sprite from The Sprite Database
Cathy, from Top Hunter- Sprite from Game Sprite Archives
Athena, from, oddly enough, Athena

Though I just finished this much bolder set of origami star strips, I have no doubt that its quality parallels that of the original! Just like before, here are the sprites I used and where I got them.
Lilly Kane, from King of Fighters 2000- Sprite from The Fighter's Generation
Nakoruru, from the Game Boy version of Samurai Shodown
Mature, from the Game Boy version of King of Fighters '97
Mai, from KOF 2001 Mobile- Sprite from The Sprite Database
Leona, from Metal Slug Mobile- Sprite from The Sprite Database
Cham Cham, from the Samurai Shodown RPG- Sprite from The Fighter's Generation

After all of those shiny images and exciting source crediting, I'm sure that all of you are now super-excited about folding origami stars, for which I don't blame you! If you do fold them, I'd love to see photos, just like with the cross stitch patterns, and will gladly plaster them all over this blog. As for now, I'm going to go find something else crazy and exciting to do, so, until then, have a nice rest of the week!


  1. Cool!!
    My son won't make me a tiny crane to show you. He says he forgot how!! Sure!!!

  2. max-the-rabbitythingFebruary 26, 2010 at 7:31 PM

    "Lucky Star Folding Paper"

    I was really hoping to see Konata and Co. after reading that.

    They are pretty neat nonetheless! :D

  3. That is so awesome!

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  5. haha, thanks!~ but now I can't do anything cuz I dun have enough material ><