Sunday, February 21, 2010

NES Athena Cross Stitch Patterns and Addressing Some Common Search Terms

Hello! Today, I've taken allergy medication and eaten a lot of sugar, so I cannot promise coherence in this post. Lately, however, I've been looking at Webmaster Tools on Google, which tells me what search terms this blog will appear as a result for. A lot of them, like "pokemon cross stitch patterns" or "ponyo pattern" or even "mai shiranui bootleg" make sense to me. I have decided to address a few of the stranger search terms that this blog pops up under, though, mostly because I'm a little bored and it sounded like fun.

1. "How Old Is Amy Rose?" For the past couple of weeks, probably corresponding with the silhouette pattern I posted of Amy Rose, this has been the most searched thing that my blog comes up under. Therefore, I looked it up, and Amy Rose is 12. Exciting, right?

2. "World Heroes 2 Janne Neo Geo 1 Credit" I am not sure why this is searched so often, though I know that my blog comes up under this search because I have 2 patterns of Janne from World Heroes 2 posted here, though they're from a Game Boy version of the game, and because I'm always going on about Neo Geo games. There are also nifty Youtube videos of people completing World Heroes games as Janne with one credit, which is sort of cool. I have to say, though, that despite my general ineptitude at playing World Heroes, I generally play really well as Janne and have beaten a couple of the games (the first one and Jet, I think) as her on the PS2 anthology with only one credit. With anyone else in the entire game, I usually get decimated in stage 2 or 3, but with Janne, it goes much better. It's quite the marketable skill, right?

3. "Yabbering" I totally do that, and I like that word, too, so I think it's sort of spiffy that my blog comes up under this search term.

4. "A Man Turning Into Amy Rose" I am not really sure what to say about this, other than that I've quickly learned that people search for strange things in regards to Amy Rose. I have also seen "Amy Rose Turning Into A Man" pop up as a search term on my webmaster tools, which seems just as odd to me.

Anyway, I'm done with all of that nonsense for now, since I've realized that I don't have as much to say about search terms as I originally thought that I did. I do, however, have three cross stitch patterns of SNK's Athena, taken from her self-titled NES game rather than anything King of Fighters, to post here today. I can't say that Athena is a good game, or even an entirely playable one, but the sprites from it are really cute and utilize the often inexplicable ploy of 8-bit fan service, so I decided to recolor them and make some patterns for this blog!


I've been working on stitching these, so I can definitely say that they are quick and easy to stitch unless you're doing them on 22 count fabric, which was my inexplicable choice for the project. For ease of stitching them as a set, however, I made sure that the floss colors and symbols matched up on each chart and did my best to find a different pose for each outfit.

If you decide to stitch or otherwise make any or all of these Athenas, or anything else from this blog, for that matter, send in a photo and I'll post it right here on Dork Stitch! Either way, I hope that all of you have a nice week, and I'll be posting again with more nifty patterns and finished projects soon!

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  1. For what it's worth, I stumbled across this site looking for "athena sprite", and was so excited to find not only what I was looking for but also ready charts for just the purpose I was looking! Most of the time I just wing it with the colors instead of using a program.