Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Catch-Up Post From Dork Stitch- Cross Stitch Patterns and Origami Star Paper Included!

Hello! It's been two weeks since I last posted, and even now, I'm not at my chattiest, but I have a lot of stuff to post today and want to make a dent in it! I have to start things on a not very fun or crafty note before I get the spiffy and nerdy stuff posted, though, which today includes school uniforms and fairy maids, so please bear with me. This blog, Dork Stitch, and all the patterns and other things that I post on it are made on a very not-for-profit basis. Though a few of the patterns on here are my original work, the vast majority of them are fan art, and since I didn't create the characters and games they come from, it is not my place to sell patterns based on them. Since I put them up here, I suppose that there's really nothing I can do about it if people decide to make them to sell, since this allows the patterns to float about in strange corners of the internet. Still, because this blog is not an area for selling things, I do not feel good about posting about fan art, with patterns from this blog or not, that is for sale. If it is not for sale, I'll write on and on about it without a second thought, but if it is, even though it might be really nicely made or interesting work, I don't think it fits this blog very well at all. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank all of you for reading through that dull, but necessary, slog of a paragraph.

Now that all that's over with, let's get on with some cross stitch patterns and origami star folding paper! For the sole reason that I want this thumbnail to come up next to the text on Blogger dashboards, I think that I'll start with the cross stitch pattern. Even though it's been two weeks since I last posted, my interests have not drastically changed, so it is of a character from an SNK fighting game, with today's lucky victim being Kisarah Westfield. I have to admit that I've never played Aggressors of Dark Combat, the game that she's originally from, though I'm sure that, given the chance, I would sit there for hours, mindlessly fascinated by it. I have, however, played a lot of Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, another more recent game that she's featured in. Because I really like the game and character, I decided to make and start stitching a five-color pattern of her, similar to the Disgaea patterns I've posted here in the past. However, I'm actually posting her here, despite the pattern's large size, because the five color format and her fairly standard schoolgirl look make the pattern highly customizable and fairly easy to stitch. Anyway, here is the pattern!

Now that the pattern is posted, I can move on to today's origami star folding paper, which today features the character C-Mond from the arcade game Puchi Carat. I know that, in terms of game complexity, I should not be as fascinated as I am by dressed up versions of Super Breakout, but I am capable of sitting and playing them for hours on end. Sorcerer's Maze for the PS1, which actually has no sorcerers or mazes whatsoever, is probably my favorite of the genre, but since I've gotten Taito Classics volume 2, I have played a lot of Puchi Carat. Plus, C-Mond is a cute character, and she matched the color scheme I wanted to use for origami stars that day! Without much further ado, here is the origami paper itself! (The sprites used on this paper came from The Spriters' Resource and were ripped by the always invaluable Ragey, while the template for them was made by Deviant Art's Blackheartqueen!)

Anyway, I'm done with this for now, and all the things that I have to say at the end of every other post also apply to the end of this one! Thank you for putting up with all of the boring chatter at the start of this post, and I hope to have many more posts here soon. Have a good weekend and a nifty St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Well said!! :)

    I think I have learned a bad habit from you!!
    I haven't posted any new patterns lately!! Shame on me!!!