Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pirate Style For Cross Stitching, In More Ways Than One

Hello! Before I get too far into today's post, I have to preface it by saying that long-time readers of this blog, or at least readers as long time as they can be in regards to a blog that's been around for less than a year, should have noticed that if there's one thing I like making cross stitch patterns from more than fighting games, it's badly made downgraded versions of the same fighting games. (I am not counting the Neo Geo Pocket Color version of these games in this paragraph, because I think that maybe, without that machine, there would be much less blog here.) Whether these downgrades are perfectly legitimate Game Boy ports or Chinese pirated versions of the games for the NES/Famicom, it is almost inevitable that they will blow (though I do like the Game Boy version of World Heroes), but I usually am very fond of the graphics. With the Game Boy games, I enjoy the graphics because I think it's fun to see the bigger and more menacing characters from their respective arcade games look like the Powerpuff Girls, and with the NES bootlegs, I'm just impressed when a character shows up looking sort of like its console counterpart.

Though making patterns from these games worked out for me for quite a while, it almost looked like the fact that none of these games had been made for a decade was about to stop me from making further stitching patterns. However, thanks to the power of computer art programs and a stack of printouts of sprites I took out of the pirated NES fighting games, I was able to make new graphics to match the old bootleg games just so that I could make new patterns of them for this blog, which I'm sure is very exciting for everyone reading this tonight. To make these patterns usable, I had to use a larger amount of colors than they'd have on the NES, which I didn't think was a big problem, since I usually recolor stuff anyway, but other than that, I stuck to a lot of  the characteristics that the games had, including characters that were around 64 pixels high, a general lack of detail, and outlines on everything. That's all sort of boring to go on and on and on about, though, so here are the first two patterns of this set!

Since King of Fighters is my favorite of the fighting games I play, a statement which I am sure is very shocking, I started out by making some characters that are in King of Fighters XI, the game in the series that I have played the most recently. I picked B. Jenet both because I'm a dork and the thought of using the pirate girl for the faux pirated sprites made me giggle and because when I use her, I can totally kick a lot of people in the face, while I picked Ash Crimson because I think it's funny that one of the main characters is a total jerk.

In regards to actually stitching these patterns, though I haven't specifically made either of them yet, I've made a couple of other patterns like this and, though they were fairly easy, they didn't really get boring like some patterns do. Therefore, I am assuming these will be the same way, though I should be able to report back on what really stitching them is like before too long.

Since I strongly suspect that I've entered the land of incoherent rambling and have already accidentally published an unfinished version of this post, I think that it is probably time for me to stop blogging. However, if you made it through all of this and still want to make one of these patterns, or any of the others on this blog, for that matter, send me a photo of the finished project and I'll post it here! Until then, have an enjoyable week and a good evening on the day that you end up reading this sentence!

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