Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Second 8- Bit Lady Gaga Cross Stitch Pattern, And Much Dressier This Time!

Hello! After yesterday's post, I really have no choice but to be a bit briefer with today's, though I am not sure there's anything wrong with that. Plus, since last night was turn-your-clocks ahead night, I'm sort of out of it today, leaving me short on coherence and the will to type, which will also shorten this post by a bit.

Anyway, a little under a month ago, I posted my first 8-bit cross stitch pattern of Lady Gaga, which I'd made and stitched on a rather boring day, and which I thought came out fairly well. When I posted it here, though, Dawn of Anime Stitching suggested that I make a pattern of her in her "cloud outfit," which is the best way I think it can possibly be described, from the Brits. It may have taken quite a while to actually do it, but here it is!

Because the outfit in this pattern is quite a bit more extreme than that of the previous pattern, this is a few stitches taller than the last Lady Gaga was. Other than that, however, it uses the same base sprite,  so they should work nicely together as a set! I haven't stitched it yet, so I can't say much about actually stitching it, but tonight I'm planning to finish up a standee of Nei from Phantasy Star II and jump into this one as soon as I'm done. The backstitched veil is the only thing I have any concern about, but if it doesn't work out, I'll redo the pattern and do a correctional post. If it does, this'll be the last you ever hear about it. Doesn't that sound nice and threatening?

I don't have much else to type about now, so I suppose I'll be off to do other stuff on the internet! If you guys decide to stitch this stunning pattern or any of the others on this blog, please send in a photo to be featured right here! Other than that, I hope you guys have a good week and good luck with all of your current stitching projects!