Friday, April 23, 2010

A Local Neo Geo Arcade Machine? A Stitched Lady Gaga? Tonight Is Awesome!

Hello! I had been debating on and off whether to post here tonight, since I didn't have a pattern prepared as a .jpeg to put up here, and because of that, I ultimately decided not to do so. When I logged onto Deviant Art tonight, however, I saw that Dawn, of Anime Stitching, both the website and the blog, had stitched one of my patterns, giving me the perfect excuse to come here and be all bloggy and stuff.

My original reason for wanting to post a blog has nothing at all to do with crafting, though it certainly is dorky, so I've gotten half of this blog's title covered. My sister and I went out shopping tonight, since it seemed like the thing to do, and after a trip to Staples and the ridiculously deserted mall, we went to the local comic store, Alternate Realities. The first part of our trip to the comic store was pretty normal, though I did find some fun and airheaded comics in the used bins, including a romance comic aimed at preteen girls set in ancient Rome, but when we paid for our stuff and left, things got considerably spiffier. Since the parking lot in back was sort of messed up, we had to drive around more than normal, which was sort of frustrating until my sister said, "Hey, that building has a Neo Geo machine in it!" I wasn't sure what building she was talking about, but I swung back into a parking place and hopped out of the car to see a bright yellow doorway with a red SNK arcade machine right in the doorway. Even though I probably should have known where it was already, it turned out that it was way in the back room of the comic store, which I hadn't even known existed, as part of a well stocked retro arcade. There were lots of nice games in it, including piles of fighters, racing games, and pinball, but my sister and I were definitely most impressed with the Neo Geo machine, which played, luckily enough, World Heroes 2 and Fatal Fury 2. I went back up to the front of the store, got some quarters, and then my sister and I proceeded to play both of those games.

After this, the whole story gets pretty boring, since it just turns into me playing World Heroes and my sister playing Fatal Fury. It was really cool to get to play the games in an arcade rather than on my Playstation, though, especially since World Heroes, at least, had way better controls on the arcade machine, making it easier to play. I was really excited and thought it was cool, though, so I wanted to post about it here!

For the next part of the post, dear reader, we shall turn to examine the smashing work of textile artist Dawn, who, at her Deviant Art page, has posted a lovely version of one of this blog's Lady Gaga patterns. If you are interested in seeing the full extent of the work, please direct your browser to this link. For now, I will knock off the 18th century literature chatter and post a nice thumbnail of it!

The first thing that I have to say about this is that Dawn certainly stayed a lot closer to the colors I'd had on the pattern than I did when I stitched it! It looks very nice, and her stitching gave the veil a nice effect that matches the rest of it quite well. I really like the Aida she chose for it, too, especially since the eyes match it almost perfectly, and the blue seems to be a color that makes the lighter colors stand out without making the black hard to see. Plus, on a less technical note, it's Lady Gaga and it's awesome. For her fine work, I hereby award Dawn with this spring-y Dork Stitch (at least partially) gold star!

Since I'm pretty tired and can no longer formulate sentences, I think that this is all that I'm going to post here for the night. Still, I hope that all of you have a very pleasant weekend and will post again soon!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monster Rancher Cross Stitch Patterns, Though Today Is Only Pixie

Hello! It's a lovely Thursday here in Illinois, with sunny skies, warm weather, and no immediately noticeable fires in the yards of any of my neighbors, at least at the moment. Of course, all of that is totally irrelevant to this blog, but it seemed like a pleasant way to start the post.

Anyway, the other day, I went to a used record store to trade in a video game, and, as the store sells games from all eras of gaming, from Atari 2600 to XBox 360, with piles of games for older consoles available, I left the store with Monster Rancher Card Battle for Game Boy, since I obviously play only the finest titles from the history of video games. Even though it turns out that I am not yet cut out to be a virtual monster training card battler, and require several more rounds of getting killed by monsters that pop out of the floor in a dungeon filled with chests of cards before I can even pretend to be ready for such a thing, it is a pretty entertaining game. If nothing else, it's keeping me busy and quiet so that I don't try to convince my brother that Ash Ketchum had his foot amputated in an internationally banned episode of Pokemon. What all of this means for this blog, however, is that this game, when combined with dozens of past hours wasted on seeing what monsters came from my CD collection, has led to Monster Rancher cross stitch patterns right here on this blog! The first monster to get this very special treatment, naturally, is Pixie, since Suezo is sort of creepy and I just haven't gotten around to working on the patterns of Mochi yet.

As you may have noticed from looking at the patterns, I haven't gotten over the fighting game alternate colors thing, even though I've switched genres entirely. In Monster Rancher, though, when a monster is a different color and type, it claims that they're different characters altogether, which certainly sounds a lot more impressive. At least on the part of the normal Pixie, I made the colors a little brighter and more contrasting than they are in the PS1 games, just because I thought it looked cool, but if you're concerned about being more accurate with your Monster Rancher cross stitching, the floss colors I gave are basic enough that they should be easy to change to your liking. As for Serene, she got to be the other version of Pixie that I made a pattern of because she was the character I always used in Monster Rancher 2. She wasn't all that useful, so I think I made the game much harder on myself than I had to, but I'm really shallow and I liked the color scheme. Also, since it's Earth Day, that makes it very convenient that the plant-type Pixie just happened to be my second choice. It won't matter at all that I picked her tomorrow, so enjoy that while it lasts!

Though I'm sure that each and every one of you is sick of reading this, if you make one of the Pixie patterns or any of the other patterns featured on this blog, send me a photo to be featured in a future post! Other than that, I'm done for today, so I hope that all of you are doing well and have a good end to your week!

Monday, April 19, 2010

An NES Style Girl Group In Cross Stitch and Also Some Links

Hello! My post here yesterday was not very long, but I hope to compensate for that today with a good old fashioned blog postin' here at Dork Stitch! In order to get things started, I have a couple of links to post for some really spiffy new cross stitching websites from Alcnaurewen and Awenmir, both of whom I've used the mystical powers of the Internet for so that when you click on their names, you get to see their Deviant Art pages! Isn't technology amazing? (If my sister reads that last sentence, she'll laugh, but I'm not so sure about the rest of the world.)

In the interest of alphabetical order, I'll link to Alcnaurewen's page first, which can be found at! As the site is rather new, it is still under construction, but right now, there are some really cool Pokemon and Sailor Moon patterns posted, several of which I hope to make someday. The sheer variety of outfits on the Sailor Moon sprites is really impressive, and a set of any of them would be really cute. Of course, if you're more into Cardcaptor Sakura than Sailor Moon, Awenmir has your solution at her new cross stitching website, Superstitch!, which can be found at She has a really nice set of Cardcaptor Sakura sprite patterns posted, as well as more than equally good patterns for Cowboy Bebop, Bleach, and a couple of the PS1 Final Fantasy games, among other things. Both of the websites are well worth checking out, and I really look forward to seeing what lies ahead on them!

Anyway, now that I'm done with links and such, it's time for today's cross stitch pattern, which may set new boundaries for superficiality on this blog. As I think I've mentioned on here before, though it was only in passing, I am very fond of Girls Aloud, a UK based girl group that doesn't get to come out in the US, past some older albums on iTunes, because record labels apparently don't want anyone to have any fun. (Of course, I'm sure there's at least one reader from the UK right now going, "Hey, if you want them, you can have them! I'm certainly sick enough of them," but if we could manage to reach an agreement on this point, I'm sure it would have already been made.) The endless wonders of, however, have enabled me to get my hands on copies of a couple of their albums, which I think were from Malaysia, judging by the ads that came in the last one I got, which indirectly led to this cross stitch pattern!

This is a cross stitch pattern of Girls Aloud, in their outfits from the cover and liner notes of their album Out of Control, done by modifying sprites from Crystalis for the NES. It is kind of specific, of course, but that seems to be quite appropriate for this blog. If you've cross stitched this blog's Dragon Quest style Lady Gaga patterns and need a bit of chart competition for her, these girls will make the perfect project, and if you change the colors, they're just generic enough to pass off as any girl with poofy hair and a tiny dress.  They should be quick and easy to stitch for whatever purpose you choose, but I'm going to start working on them very soon, so I'll be able to let you know how it goes for sure.

I think that at this point, I'd better stop blogging while I'm sort of ahead, but before I go, I want to get in a shameless plug for a couple of new reviews I've written over at, for Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny and Just Dance. (I know, isn't it shocking that, considering my interests, I'd have played a video game that revolved around fluffy pop music?)

In getting back to this blog in particular, however, if you decide to stitch or bead or any sort of craft today's Girls Aloud pattern or any of the other cross stitch patterns found on this blog, let me know and I'll inscribe your glorious work here! (While the quote earlier in the blog was for my sister, this one is for one of my brothers, who doesn't actually read this, making it a bit pointless.) Also, if there are any pop stars or bands you'd really like to cross stitch or something of the sort, leave a comment about it with a link to the outfit you want to see them in and I'll 8-bit them up for you! It's really fun to make patterns like this, but if it's left up to me, you'll never see a pattern of a musician who doesn't have dance numbers that correspond with the majority of their songs. Thanks for reading this post to the end, and have a nice week!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Gold Star For M*Y*C!

Hello! It's been a long time since I posted here, and I have a long post with patterns and yapping and a photo of the Dork Stitch official T-shirt to do before too long, but before any of that, I have a really cool video of a beadwork version of the Hangyodon pattern that I posted quite a while back by M*Y*C (who can be seen at her blog by clicking on this text) to show here, provided I can remember how to embed a Youtube video! Even though it looks fairly seamless here, I've just spent a few minutes re-teaching myself how to do this, with the nifty pink frame and everything, so here it is!

As always, the video is incredibly spiffy! The Hangydon looks great, and considering that I have trouble putting beads of that size on a string without dropping them all over the table, the work that went into it is really impressive! Plus, the music is really fun, and the video form of presentation is so cool! Every one of these videos is spiffy, and it's really exciting to see another one. Of course, as you may have guessed from the title, all of this means that it's time to post M*Y*C's third gold star! I tried to do something a bit flashy looking
after her post where she dressed like Lady Gaga, so I hope it is slightly dramatic looking!

Anyway, it's about time for dinner, followed by a lovely viewing of True Blood, so I'd best be off for now! Until my next post, though, I hope that you are all having a nice week and enjoying spring so far. It's the worst allergy season in history, so I hope that your eyes aren't swollen so shut that you're having difficulty reading this!