Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monster Rancher Cross Stitch Patterns, Though Today Is Only Pixie

Hello! It's a lovely Thursday here in Illinois, with sunny skies, warm weather, and no immediately noticeable fires in the yards of any of my neighbors, at least at the moment. Of course, all of that is totally irrelevant to this blog, but it seemed like a pleasant way to start the post.

Anyway, the other day, I went to a used record store to trade in a video game, and, as the store sells games from all eras of gaming, from Atari 2600 to XBox 360, with piles of games for older consoles available, I left the store with Monster Rancher Card Battle for Game Boy, since I obviously play only the finest titles from the history of video games. Even though it turns out that I am not yet cut out to be a virtual monster training card battler, and require several more rounds of getting killed by monsters that pop out of the floor in a dungeon filled with chests of cards before I can even pretend to be ready for such a thing, it is a pretty entertaining game. If nothing else, it's keeping me busy and quiet so that I don't try to convince my brother that Ash Ketchum had his foot amputated in an internationally banned episode of Pokemon. What all of this means for this blog, however, is that this game, when combined with dozens of past hours wasted on seeing what monsters came from my CD collection, has led to Monster Rancher cross stitch patterns right here on this blog! The first monster to get this very special treatment, naturally, is Pixie, since Suezo is sort of creepy and I just haven't gotten around to working on the patterns of Mochi yet.

As you may have noticed from looking at the patterns, I haven't gotten over the fighting game alternate colors thing, even though I've switched genres entirely. In Monster Rancher, though, when a monster is a different color and type, it claims that they're different characters altogether, which certainly sounds a lot more impressive. At least on the part of the normal Pixie, I made the colors a little brighter and more contrasting than they are in the PS1 games, just because I thought it looked cool, but if you're concerned about being more accurate with your Monster Rancher cross stitching, the floss colors I gave are basic enough that they should be easy to change to your liking. As for Serene, she got to be the other version of Pixie that I made a pattern of because she was the character I always used in Monster Rancher 2. She wasn't all that useful, so I think I made the game much harder on myself than I had to, but I'm really shallow and I liked the color scheme. Also, since it's Earth Day, that makes it very convenient that the plant-type Pixie just happened to be my second choice. It won't matter at all that I picked her tomorrow, so enjoy that while it lasts!

Though I'm sure that each and every one of you is sick of reading this, if you make one of the Pixie patterns or any of the other patterns featured on this blog, send me a photo to be featured in a future post! Other than that, I'm done for today, so I hope that all of you are doing well and have a good end to your week!


  1. Mmmm... Pixie....

    Anyway, I actually kind of admire you for getting some entertainment value out of Card Battler. All I remember about that game is enjoying it for about 15 minutes, then losing so many battles in a row that my total card count fell below the minimum to actually engage in combat, so I essentially (as far as I could tell) broke the game. I mean, should that even be possible without getting a Game Over screen? Maybe there's someplace I missed where I could get free cards to bring my count back up, but by then I was just fed up with it. All I wanted was a Henger (sniff, sniff).

  2. I'm a Monster Rancher fanatic. I admit that's one of the two games I never played (the other being the explorer one). I'm a guy and never considered cross-stitching, but there is so few things of Monster Rancher out there, that thanks to this I'm almost tempted to try it out.