Monday, April 19, 2010

An NES Style Girl Group In Cross Stitch and Also Some Links

Hello! My post here yesterday was not very long, but I hope to compensate for that today with a good old fashioned blog postin' here at Dork Stitch! In order to get things started, I have a couple of links to post for some really spiffy new cross stitching websites from Alcnaurewen and Awenmir, both of whom I've used the mystical powers of the Internet for so that when you click on their names, you get to see their Deviant Art pages! Isn't technology amazing? (If my sister reads that last sentence, she'll laugh, but I'm not so sure about the rest of the world.)

In the interest of alphabetical order, I'll link to Alcnaurewen's page first, which can be found at! As the site is rather new, it is still under construction, but right now, there are some really cool Pokemon and Sailor Moon patterns posted, several of which I hope to make someday. The sheer variety of outfits on the Sailor Moon sprites is really impressive, and a set of any of them would be really cute. Of course, if you're more into Cardcaptor Sakura than Sailor Moon, Awenmir has your solution at her new cross stitching website, Superstitch!, which can be found at She has a really nice set of Cardcaptor Sakura sprite patterns posted, as well as more than equally good patterns for Cowboy Bebop, Bleach, and a couple of the PS1 Final Fantasy games, among other things. Both of the websites are well worth checking out, and I really look forward to seeing what lies ahead on them!

Anyway, now that I'm done with links and such, it's time for today's cross stitch pattern, which may set new boundaries for superficiality on this blog. As I think I've mentioned on here before, though it was only in passing, I am very fond of Girls Aloud, a UK based girl group that doesn't get to come out in the US, past some older albums on iTunes, because record labels apparently don't want anyone to have any fun. (Of course, I'm sure there's at least one reader from the UK right now going, "Hey, if you want them, you can have them! I'm certainly sick enough of them," but if we could manage to reach an agreement on this point, I'm sure it would have already been made.) The endless wonders of, however, have enabled me to get my hands on copies of a couple of their albums, which I think were from Malaysia, judging by the ads that came in the last one I got, which indirectly led to this cross stitch pattern!

This is a cross stitch pattern of Girls Aloud, in their outfits from the cover and liner notes of their album Out of Control, done by modifying sprites from Crystalis for the NES. It is kind of specific, of course, but that seems to be quite appropriate for this blog. If you've cross stitched this blog's Dragon Quest style Lady Gaga patterns and need a bit of chart competition for her, these girls will make the perfect project, and if you change the colors, they're just generic enough to pass off as any girl with poofy hair and a tiny dress.  They should be quick and easy to stitch for whatever purpose you choose, but I'm going to start working on them very soon, so I'll be able to let you know how it goes for sure.

I think that at this point, I'd better stop blogging while I'm sort of ahead, but before I go, I want to get in a shameless plug for a couple of new reviews I've written over at, for Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny and Just Dance. (I know, isn't it shocking that, considering my interests, I'd have played a video game that revolved around fluffy pop music?)

In getting back to this blog in particular, however, if you decide to stitch or bead or any sort of craft today's Girls Aloud pattern or any of the other cross stitch patterns found on this blog, let me know and I'll inscribe your glorious work here! (While the quote earlier in the blog was for my sister, this one is for one of my brothers, who doesn't actually read this, making it a bit pointless.) Also, if there are any pop stars or bands you'd really like to cross stitch or something of the sort, leave a comment about it with a link to the outfit you want to see them in and I'll 8-bit them up for you! It's really fun to make patterns like this, but if it's left up to me, you'll never see a pattern of a musician who doesn't have dance numbers that correspond with the majority of their songs. Thanks for reading this post to the end, and have a nice week!

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  1. Cool sprites!! If I come up with any ideas I will let you know!! Wait you could do all the Office characters maybe!!