Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Belated Gold Star For Kttycat

Hello! It's only been a year since I graduated from college, but I think that my brain has rotted considerably since that point. This is perhaps best evidenced by a post at Kttycat Cross Stitch Blog written on April 26th. (The full text of this post is here: ) I read this post when it was first up, but it must have been a day where something goes out of my brain as soon as I read it, since, despite a mention of my user name, this blog's title, and a description of what the blog is about, not to mention the fact that finished versions of the pattern have been posted here more than once, I saw the Brainy Smurf cross stitch and thought, "Oh, that's cute! I wonder if there are patterns like that for the other Smurfs!" and then went back to doing grammar corrections on an article about the Neo Geo Pocket Color. Today, when I was looking at the post about the big giveaway (ooh, the highlighted text is just like a page with built in advertising there, isn't it?) on Kttycat's blog, however, something clicked about it in my head, leading me back down the page to the post to see that the Brainy Smurf had, in fact, been stitched from the pattern posted here at the very start of this blog's existence. I apologize for not noticing this sooner, but here is the lovely stitched Brainy Smurf for all to see!

As you can see, Kttycat's Brainy Smurf is really well stitched, with some spiffy extra touches! The name being embroidered on the side looks really nice, like a trading card or a stationery design, and I like the border, too. Sometimes, it can seem a little weird to just have an image like this floating around on fabric, but I think that Kttycat's additions to the pattern work well for the composition of the image and make it look quite tidy. Naturally, this is work well deserving of a Dork Stitch gold star!

I'm not sure why I chose to use a cat's collar for Kttycat's gold star, since there's certainly no connections to her user name there, but oh well! On a personal note to Kttycat, I hope you like it, and thanks very much for commenting on my post yesterday, too!

Anyway, I think I'm done posting for now, but will hopefully be back with a less apologetic and more coherent post soon! Thank you for reading, and remember, if you stitch or otherwise craft any of the patterns on this blog, let me know, and you could very well end up featured here, too, provided I understand the English language that day!

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  1. LMAO!!!! Don't fret it we all have days like that. Thanks for the kitty gold star it's so cute! And for advertising my giveaway! Oh and I was wondering the same thing... where are more smurfs!?!