Friday, May 14, 2010

A Cross Stitch Pattern From the Art of Fighting Anime- Practical As Ever!

Hello! Last night, at a relatively late hour, I was chatting about the mid-90s OAV Art of Fighting, which I don't think is all that unusual for me, considering that it's based on an old SNK fighting game. Yes, it is a really bad anime, but it's also really entertaining, just like the stuff they used to put on Encore Action Channel at midnight on Fridays. It's dubbed by a lot of the same New York that are in Pokemon, a lot of stuff explodes for no good reason, and Robert, one of the main characters, is an unapologetic sleazebag who would actually leave his friends in better shape than they started the movie in if he were to fall off a cliff that magically appeared in the middle of the city, which actually wouldn't have surprised me, considering the place that logic has in the production. It probably also helps that it's only 45 minutes long and that it was late when I watched it, which helped to make it one of the funniest things that I'd seen in a long time. Because I was talking about this late at night, however, the whole thing ended in me making a cross stitch pattern of King, who is one of the Art of Fighting characters, as she appeared in the anime, at the very reasonable size of 70 by 70 stitches. In case anyone who is not me thinks that this was a fun idea, here is the pattern!

Since this is a larger pattern than normally gets posted here, I can't say that I think King will be very fast to stitch, but at the very least, it shouldn't be too difficult! In order to preserve the charming "we had 400 dollars to animate this and spent most of it on doughnuts and beer" look of the anime she was taken from, the color count was kept down to eleven, and I think that I got it balanced well enough that although there's no mind-numbingly massive spaces to fill in with any given color, there's no spaces in which you have to switch floss colors an intense number of times, either. The important thing about this pattern, however, is that since King works in a restaurant, I can start a Dork Stitch series of patterns of video game girls who work in the food service industry, finally giving me the chance to post the 80 by 90 pattern I made of Flo from Diner Dash! (I'm not bluffing, either- I did in fact make that pattern, and I, for one, think it came out to be really cute.)

Anyway, if you decide to stitch King, or, more realistically, any of the other patterns found on this blog, let me know and I'll post your work right here for the whole world to see! I ought to be back and posting again soon with more fancy and illogical patterns, but, until then, I hope that you all have good weekends!


  1. Oh I can't wait to see FLO!!! :)
    Played all the games!! :)

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    Visite o meu tem muita coisa legal lá.