Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Totally Lack Ambition, But Here's A Pattern Anyway- It's From Pangya!

Hello! Even though May has been the busiest month here at Dork Stitch in ages, I still haven't posted anything for a few days, so I feel a little bit like I'm slacking off. It isn't as if I haven't been doing any cross stitching, which I'll go on about more in a later post, but I missed writing in this blog, so tonight, even though I have very little to say, I will be posting a pattern!

Anyway, tonight's pattern comes from Pangya, a game that, despite its being a rather straightforward golfing sim, is an all too common source of fascination for me. I haven't been on the online version too much lately, since I have to download a massive update and am somewhat intimidated by the hostile anti-non-English speaker environment that often pops up on the game's chat, but I've been spending a lot more time than I ought to on the Wii version, Super Swing Golf (Season 2, specifically). After over twenty hours of gameplay, I know that I should be getting bored with the game, since all you do is golf and buy clothes, but the fact that I can dress my character up like Officer Jenny from Pokemon and make her golf with a squeaky-hammer seems to make all the difference. Because of this, I decided that I needed to make some Pangya cross stitch patterns, and since this is my blog, all of you out there are about to fall victim to the first of them!

Though the character featured in tonight's pattern, Lucia, isn't available in the Wii version of the game, she's still my favorite Pangya character because she's a golfing pop star with crayon colored hair and ridiculous outfits that obviously bears no similarity to Athena, from the King of Fighters games. Regardless of that, when I made this pattern, I decided to make it into a semi-8-bit sprite, similar to those used in bootlegged NES versions of fighting games, since, lazy as I am, it seemed a lot easier than trying to do a pattern of her 3D character model. Because the pattern is relatively simple, though, if you're the sort of person who'd rather clunk their head on a brick than play a shopping-heavy golf sim, the colors should be fairly easy to switch out in order to make this any sort of girl in a weird outfit with excessive hair that you want to stitch! It also makes for a very quick and nice needlepoint project, which I can attest to, since I stitched it in one night a couple of weeks ago.

Since this was done with craft thread, I couldn't use any of the DMC floss colors it was designed with, but it was pretty easy to replicated them. Plus, it was really cool to find a good use for the gradient thread. It makes her hair look really shiny. (If you want to see a full sized version of this, I have it on my Deviant Art page at this link!)

Anyway, typing away about Pangya has, for some reason that I simply can't figure out, made me want to actually play the game, so I'm heading off to try and make some more progress in the Wii version of the game. If you want to stitch Lucia or use the pattern for any other sort of craft, though, show me your finished project and I'll not only write about it here, with piles of links and photos, but I'll also have another half-decent excuse to go and play the game again. I'll be back to post again soon, but until then, I want to say congratulations to my brother, Will for graduating 8th grade, and to some girl that shows up at my house sometimes, Kelly, for graduating high school!

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