Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's A Top Hunter Cross Stitch Pattern, and Since Someone Has To Be Excited About It, I Am!

Hello! I haven't posted here for a few days, and I'm afraid that this won't be the most exciting of all of the blog posts in the world, but I'm pretty happy about it, because today, I'm actually posting a pattern from the under-appreciated SNK punchin' stuff platformer Top Hunter! Keep in mind, this is not the grand Top Hunter patterns day that I have been promising since the start of this blog, as that post will be much more ridiculous than this one is. Still, I drew and stitched this pattern of the game's player 2 character, Cathy, a few months ago and am happy to be sharing the pattern now!

Since this pattern isn't based on an in-game sprite, it's sort of different from the majority of patterns posted here in that it takes quite a bit of backstitching to complete. Though that means that this version of Cathy isn't as easy to transfer to other crafts as a lot of the other stuff on here is, I still think it makes for a nice needlework project. I did my best to make the colors pretty generic, so that sticking to the DMC floss key isn't necessary, and when I stitched it, even with the backstitching, it only took a couple of days to complete. I am not sure how many other people are as enamored with Top Hunter as I am, but if you are, and you don't have any sort of violent preference for Roddy (the player one character) over Cathy, and you also like cross stitching and things like that, then I think that this pattern will work nicely for you! In a last ditch effort to convince you of this pattern's superior quality, I will include an image of the stitched model I completed quite a while ago, half to show off that I made it and half because the preview image generated by Pattern Maker did not end up being as nice as I'd like it to look. It's on 18-count Aida to help make the backstitch look like a cartoon-y outline, but I don't think it would come out much differently on a larger fabric count.

Well, now that I've done everything in my power to try and convince you that stitching a character from an old arcade game that not that many people play is worth your while, I shall go for now. I hope to post again soon, though, since I have tons of new patterns to put up here! As always, there are piles of King of Fighters characters to kick around (or punch, if you'd rather), as well as some patterns from Lucky Star, Disgaea, and The Legend of Zelda, alongside a few patterns based on custom 8-bit style sprites I did for Pangya and Final Fantasy X, among several other things. (In case you're wondering, as I look over that list of patterns I have ready to go from things people actually care about, I would still defend my choice to post Cathy today, though it would probably be by going, "Because this is MY blog!" and sticking my tongue out at you.) Until then, I hope that all of you are having a nice week and will talk to you later!

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  1. Never heard of the game but I do find her cute and she shares my name! Might just have to stitch her up!