Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Look! Today's Pattern Fits With Both the Fighting Game Fangirl Theme and Pretty Traditional Stitching

Hello! Right now, I should be hunting down box shots from Neo Geo Pocket games for an article for MyGamer.com, but I spent the earlier part of the afternoon taking screenshots from games, including a strange anime style strip mahjong game that taught me that I don't know how to play mahjong, and just finished doing a photo shoot of my own Neo Geo Pocket Color, which, to its credit, was well able to work the digital camera. Because of that, I am taking a short break from useful behavior to post a pattern of a character from a Neo Geo fighting game here on my blog! Since the character is from the company that produced the machine I'm supposed to be focused on, I'm not as off-topic as I could be, and if I manage to keep this post relatively brief, at least by Dork Stitch standards, I'll be back to work in no time!

Anyway, as those of you who follow my Deviant Art page may know, I am working on an ongoing project that involves needlepointing a fairly large plastic canvas cutout of every character from Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, an SNK fighting game that pretty much throws a bunch of characters from other games together and makes them kick each other in the head. I'm slightly derailed on this project right now, since I have it in my head that it's a good idea to try and cross stitch an entire screenshot from a Neo Geo Pocket Color fighting game, which is an unfortunate consequence of yesterday afternoon's work on the stuff I should be doing now, but I still have a lot of patterns done for it, including one of Mai Shiranui, the company's standard-issue minimally dressed face-kicker. I've stitched her a lot of times before, and even though it's always fun, the thought of needlepointing her in the same outfit in one of the same poses for this project made me want to poke my eyes out with any of the needles I have at hand. Because of that, I wanted to do something different with the character and tried my best to make her look like a more traditional woman-posing-in-a-kimono cross stitch pattern. Though the final result isn't exactly right for the project at hand, since the demure pose doesn't really fit with the more active patterns used for the other characters, I was really happy with how the pattern came out and wanted to post it here.

Although this pattern is still pretty simple, since I got it from editing the crap out of one of Mai's in game sprites until it was all outlined and cartoony, I think that there's still enough detail on her kimono to make for a pretty finished project. At 85 stitches tall, it should be big enough to be fairly impressive, too, though the fact that it's also pretty narrow means that it won't take a huge amount of time to complete. Additionally, there shouldn't be any problems if you want to change the colors of this pattern, due to its simplicity. I decided to go with one of Mai's alternate color schemes for this, since I usually end up making her in the red outfit and thought the green was pretty, but if you still want to stitch her default look, I've also included that as an option on the floss key.

I ended up going on with this post quite a bit longer than I'd intended to, but if you decide to stitch Mai or any of the other patterns included here, including the other patterns of the character, send me a picture of your finished work and I'll gladly show it off to the rest of the blogging world! I have more patterns to post and even more planned, so it won't be too long until I'm back here, but until then, have a good week!

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  1. This is so pretty! Lol, stop seducing me! I shouldn't be distracting myslef with side projects, and this pattern, as well as the previous one, makes me wanna put everything aside and start stitching it!