Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two People Who Had A More Ambitious Yesterday Than I Did

Yesterday, the whole of my accomplishments pretty much revolved around coming to this blog and complaining a lot about people eating cheeseburgers, doing some of a needlepoint of a character from Samurai Shodown, and waving my resume in the faces of the managers at the local Game Stop. However, within the same 24-hour block, Dawn, the author of Anime Stitching and webmaster of the patterns filled website of the same name, cross stitched the pattern of Princess Zelda featured in yesterday's post here at Dork Stitch! Aside from the time that Crausse did a perler bead version of a pattern before I'd even posted it, with the pattern of Vanessa from the King of Fighters games, I think that this is the fastest ever turnaround for a Dork Stitch pattern! Before I go on too much, however, here is the photo of Dawn's lovely Princess Zelda!

The first thing that I noticed about stitching, probably because yellow Aida cloth drives me nuts to work with, is that this is stitched on yellow fabric and looks quite nice on it. While she stitched Princess Zelda, though, Dawn made a lot of really spiffy modifications to the pattern that I think add a lot. The gold floss and seed bead trim are probably the most instantly noticeable additions to the pattern, and they look really good. My favorite of her additions, however, is the backstitched gold trim alongside the gold panel at the front of her skirt. It's a small detail, but I think that being able to see the stitching on the dress adds a lot to it in terms of the overall appearance, and makes it more than just a cross stitched sprite. Besides all of that, however, this Zelda will look great next to the Triforce that she stitched from Gatchacaz's blog, viewable here. If you're on Deviant Art and want to comment on Dawn's work, or just see a full sized version of it, she originally posted it here: http://dawnmlc.deviantart.com/art/Princess-Zelda-163685551  For now, however, it's time to unveil the very small, but hopefully somewhat reminiscent of the Triforce gold star awarded for this stitching! (It came out looking a little fuzzy, but I hope that doesn't take away from it!)

While I'm still talking about stars, though this has nothing to do with cross stitching at all, a few weeks ago, Subtleknees on Deviant Art posted a journal asking for origami star folding paper requests, and I requested a set of paper to match an older one she'd made in hot pink, only in blue, so that I could have a nice and sort of rainbow-y set of stars to toss into the giant candy jar that I have it in my head that I can fill. I'd sort of forgotten about it, but last night, I logged into DevArt and there were two different blue versions of the star paper in my message box! I'm only going to give a tiny thumbnail image here, since her page is full of really nifty star paper for the downloading and well worth visiting, but since it seems weird to talk and talk about an image without actually showing any of it, I have to show something. Therefore, I hope that you enjoy this detail of the design featured on the aforementioned star paper, the full version of which can be found here, or here, for the darker blue version. Both of them are really spiffy and I look forward to folding them.

I don't have any other stuff to post here today, so I am done for now. I do, however, have a nice reserve of cross stitch patterns built up and ready to post, so I'll be back soon with some spiffy new content for all of you! Until then, thank you for reading and following (if you do happen to follow) this blog!

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  1. Thanks for the cool comments and gold Zelda star :)