Thursday, May 20, 2010

The View From The Battlefield

At this moment, I really ought to be writing a review for a DS game about ATV racing, but a frightening image from my kitchen table has recently come to my attention. It just so happens that last night, on a table scattered with knives and cooking spray and the crumpled remains of a package of baking chocolate, a battle ensued between one of my cross stitch standees, of Leona, from the King of Fighters games, and a balloon giraffe made by the older of my two brothers. The battle itself was not captured, which is most likely for the best, but I feel it is my duty to bring you this image, taken immediately before the brutal fight. There were no winners and no losers, but the scars of a fight between frivolous crafts remain in the mind for a lifetime.

(I think that I should actually get to writing that review now. I'll be back and posting again soon!)