Monday, June 28, 2010

A Brief Post Before Two Longer Ones Later This Week

Hello! I have two posts that I want to do later in the week, one of which is a feature post with some finished work and pictures of a prize I won from Dawn's contest, and the second of which is a very important post here at Dork Stitch that I will talk about a little bit later. Today, however, I had another Scott Pilgrim pattern ready to post, this time of Ramona, and didn't want to wait to put it up here, especially since the pattern wouldn't really fit on either of the other posts I'm planning. Before I spend too much time talking about why I plan to post this pattern and all of the pros and cons involved, though, here it actually is!

As you can probably tell, this pattern is very similar to the one of Knives I posted the last time I wrote on this blog, but I am currently stitching it and can vouch for the fact that she is proving much less of a pain to stitch. It's very fast, and the fact that it's only in one color means that you can keep it looking reasonably like the comic's original art while still having your work be totally unique! Anyway, I'm working on more patterns in this set, meaning that Scott Pilgrim is, in the sense that I'm doing a set of cross stitch patterns as fan art for it, this summer's Lucky Star, only the eyeballs are marginally less intimidating. They might end up being slightly spread out among requests and whatever other weird stuff strikes my fancy, but patterns in this set will be posted on a fairly regular basis. Before I'm done going on about the Scott Pilgrim cross stitch rubbish, though, I plan to use this opportunity to show off the cross stitch of last post's Knives Chau pattern that I completed last week!

See? There it is! She looks a bit blue to me, but I suppose that's a natural consequence of being stitched in blue thread. Anyway, if you want to see the full sized image of this and read more weird artist comments, she's also on my Deviant Art page, very close to the top in all her cheap thread and plastic frame glory!

I'm almost done posting for today, but if you've actually stuck around until the end of this post, I wanted to let you guys know that this Saturday, July 3rd, is Dork Stitch's second annual Heal Slime day! The first annual post dedicated to this extremely helpful monster from the Dragon Quest series was rather minor, but this year, I want things to be a lot more exciting, so if any of you readers have any Heal Slime related fan art or projects or anecdotes or anything to share, let me know before Saturday so that we can have the greatest annual Heal Slime day yet! Until then, keep watching for a post full of finished stitchings and lovely photos and have an excellent week!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Day of Featuring Stuff, With a Bonus Scott Pilgrim Cross Stitch Pattern and Piles of Photos

Hello! Since E3 went on this week, I spent a lot of time glued to my computer to work on news coverage and stuff, and though I thought that this would mean that I'd be doing a lot of posting here on this blog, it turned out that it didn't quite work out that way. All that means, however, is that I have a ton of stuff to post about today, with most of it revolving around work stitched and beaded by readers, so I will get started on that right away!

For the first part of this post, I have some really cool photos of finished work by Dawn, of Anime Stitching the Blog and Anime Stitching the Website, who is someone I write about here so often that I feel like I should have a tag for her on the sidebar. On the first couple of days of E3, I posted some patterns in the afternoon, and she had a pattern from each post done that night, which I think says something about both the fact that I was online way too long for both of those days and that she's really fast at cross stitching. Besides those, however, she stitched a third pattern from this blog within the same two days, meaning that she must have been quite busy! Before I go on for too long, however, here are her three finished projects, in the order in which they were stitched.

As you can see above, Dawn's three choices for projects were Monday's Solid Snake, which she stitched for her husband, including his call name, which was quite a nice touch, and Jessica and Hero from Dragon Quest VIII. All of them came out to look extremely nice, though I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Jessica, since she was part of a weird sampler type of project that I did a few months ago, and if you want to see full sized images of each of these projects, check out Dawn's Deviant Art page at

Those three cross stitches are not the end of today's reader projects, however, as perler/hama bead artist NekoMusume did a really cool version of one of the patterns from the pirated NES version of Final Fantasy VII, of Cloud, that I posted a few months ago! I was very excited to see one of those patterns in beads, since I'm probably more fond of them than I should be, and it looks really cool, especially since all of the colors are pretty calm looking except for the bright yellow of Cloud's hair, which makes for a good effect. Plus, as frequent readers of this blog know, I'm always impressed by the patience and steady hands of people who do beadwork, which certainly doesn't hurt my opinion of this piece. Before I go on about it too much, though, here is an actual image of NekoMusume's lovely work!

If you'd like to see a full sized version of Cloud, please visit him on NekoMusume's Deviant Art page, right at this link!  With all four of today's reader projects posted, though, it's time for today's official Dork Stitch gold star, which isn't really gold and is in fact a lot of stars, but should be sufficient for these purposes!

As you can see, today's Dork Stitch gold star is a bunch of origami stars that I dumped onto a plate and shoved around until they looked something like a star in order to commemorate Dawn and NekoMusume's works. I forgot to count them, so I can't assign any sort of weird significance to the amount of stars on the plate, but I can say that the papers they were folded from are all from Subtleknees on Deviant Art! There's quite a few sets included here, but all of them were of a high quality and folded to look very nice.
Anyway, since I am in quite a wordy mood today, I'm going to do one more segment before getting to today's cross stitch pattern, and that is about a contest I won during a very lucky week at Sophisticate Style,  a blog run by the very spiffy and, judging from my prize, incredibly patient Yolie. The contest was to share your funniest fashion disaster, and though I'm a bit too lazy to type the full story again, mine involved a gas leak and an open wound on my foot, and the prize was a really pretty seed bead bracelet, made up of a bunch of individual strands of beads connected quite seamlessly by a ring of beads wrapped around them, and, perhaps most impressively, is in a color that matches my Converse and a set of headbands I bought last weekend. My blurry photo doesn't really do a good job of showing it off, but I will post it nonetheless! (Thank you very much for the bracelet, Yolie, and, by the way, I loved the stationary that matched your blog! It was really cute.)

Okay, now that I'm officially almost burnt out on typing, I will post today's Dork Stitch cross stitch pattern, which is of Knives Chau from the Scott Pilgrim comics! I've always had it in my head that it would be really cool to cross stitch an entire page of a comic book, but in order to accomplish this, I think it's best to start small, so I tried my best to do some fan art of Bryan Lee O'Malley's original art for the comics (which is why Knives may look a bit off here), in order to see what stitching any sort part of a comic's page would be like,  and though the experience definitively taught me that it would probably be best to choose a comic in full color when I decide to go after that project, it's still been pretty fun to work on. Because of that, I am posting the pattern here in case anyone else wants to make it.  

Since I'm done with typing for the time being and will be done cross stitching Knives tommorrow, making it more likely that I'll be able to comment on her inherent stitchability then, I will leave this post for now! Thank you to everyone who made stuff based on patterns from here and watched or commented on the blog, and I hope that all of you have a good weekend! 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Purposely Outdated Looking Dragon Quest VIII Cross Stitch Patterns!

Hello! It's the second day of E3 coverage, and, because of that, it's the second day that I've got my nose buried in my laptop, waiting for something fantastic to happen. Earlier today, I covered the Nintendo keynote address for, which you can check out here, but since then, I've been eating chicken sandwiches and making cross stitch patterns, which shall be posted here shortly!

Yesterday, I was on the computer for ten hours straight, which enabled me to get a lot of things done, but was strange in a lot of ways. Perhaps the weirdest of these was that, in the time that I was online, I both posted a set of patterns and saw one of them stitched, courtesy of Dawn, the writer of Anime Stitching. Since I'm on my laptop and can't handle gold stars properly at the moment, her finished work will be featured in a blog post in the very near future, but if you want to preemptively check out both of the Dork Stitch patterns that she recently stitched, check out her Deviant Art page! Because of a combination of not being able to effectively make any gold stars at the moment and a desire to do something other than stare at an AIM chat window, however, I did a couple of patterns per Dawn's (I think, at least) request of Hero from Dragon Quest VIII! They were pretty fun to design, so I hope that they'll be fun to stitch, too.

As you can probably tell from the thumbnails, both of these patterns are faux 8-bit versions of Dragon Quest VIII's Hero, with one being done in Dragon Quest style, because it is sort of logical, as far as these things go, and the other being done in an NES Final Fantasy style, to match the other fake 8-bit RPG characters I've posted patterns of in the past. Each of them should be fast to stitch on its own, with colors simple enough that sticking to the color key isn't that important, but in order to make stitching them as a pair a bit easier, I made sure that the floss colors were the same on each pattern down to the symbols, save for an extra shade of gray in the Final Fantasy style pattern.

Like always, if you stitch either version of Hero, or use him for any other craft, let me know and I'll show it off right here on this blog! It'll be totally all the way fun, and I will more than likely be a bit more timely about your showcase than I'm currently being for Dawn's! In terms of future posts, though, if you like Dragon Quest, July 3rd will be Dork Stitch's 2nd Annual Heal Slime Day, so mark your virtual calendars! It's going to be a really lame party, but it'll be a party nonetheless!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Metal Gear Cross Stitch? It's Not That Much Weirder Than A Card Game

Hello! As many of you may know, this week is E3, and since I'm doing a lot with for E3 coverage, this pretty much means that I'm going to be on my laptop for four days straight! I'm not going to deny that gathering the latest gaming news is entertaining, but since there's not game related stuff happening every second of every day, I think that I'll be able to do a bit of posting here as well. Since I've essentially been online for the last five hours, my brain is a little too fried for me to get into any sort of prose that's too complex, but I do have a pattern that was requested last week by the mysterious "Anonymous," which is stealth cross stitch pattern requesting if I've ever seen it. This, of course, is more than appropriate, seeing as this person's request was for something related to Metal Gear Solid. Admittedly, I haven't gotten very far in many of the Metal Gear games, since really long cutscenes can sometimes make me feel asleep, but I've been playing the NES Metal Gear lately, and, despite the fact that I suck at the game, am really enjoying it, and I invested insubordinate amounts of time into the Metal Gear Solid for GBC when it was actually sort of a recent release. Because of that, when I got the request for a Metal Gear cross stitch pattern, I went on a search for the sprites from the GBC game and, luckily, was able to find them! Thanks to The Sprite Database, here is a lovely and charming set of Solid Snake cross stitch motifs.

As you may be able to tell from the thumbnail image of the pattern above, one of the chief features of the graphics in Metal Gear Solid for the Game Boy Color is that they're really, really small. Because of that, I was able to fit three recolored sprites of Solid Snake into one chart, and I still think that the pattern as a whole wouldn't take very long to stitch. Individually, though, and even with the extra colors I added to try and make Snake match his more-than-8-bit counterparts, I'd imagine that each of these would take less than an hour to stitch. They're far less than 20 by 20, with the one kneeling down only being 11 stitches wide, and the amounts of each color used are small enough that I think you could manage to stitch him out of scraps. Despite the pattern's smallness, however, I think that it could be pretty fun to stitch and will probably make at least one of them in the next couple of days. Plus, if you need to add a border to a set of towels or anything for a Metal Gear fan, I'm sure Solid Snake would work very well for that, even if it does end up seeming a little demented!

Like I always say at the end of my posts, if you decide to stitch Solid Snake or anything else in the Dork Stitch pattern library, let me know, and I'll show off your undoubtedly beautiful work to all of this blog's readers! Until then, however, I'll be here making piles of new patterns to post and will be looking after all of the latest E3 news. I hope all of you have a nice week and will be back soon with more Dork Stitch fun!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I Got Stuff From An Art Trade, and I Also Made a FFX-2 Cross Stitch Pattern Several Months Ago That I Am Just Posting Now!

Helllo! Since I made my title ridiculously long and fairly self-explanatory, I can probably jump right into my post without doing much introduction today. There's not much fun in that, though, so before I get going, I want to thank everyone for being so nice in your comments on my last post! I can't figure out how to do direct responses to the comments, which is probably my biggest problem with Blogger, but thanks very much to everyone who said they were going to check out the magazine, and in regards to Squishy Ishy and the oh-so-mysterious anonymous commenter, I'll do my best to make nifty patterns for Charmander and Metal Gear Solid (though it'll probably be related to the NES or Game Boy games) sometime during the next week! Now that that's done, I will proceed with the other pre-determined sections of this post!

For the first part of this, some readers of this blog may remember that, in the post before last, I went on for way too long about a set of cross stitch standees that I was sending off for an art trade, with a slightly blurry and dark photo of the crafts I'd done to mail away. Thankfully, they reached their destination without meeting any sort of terrible fate, and yesterday, I got a cardboard box full of extremely nifty Perler bead sprites thanks to Crausse, who has a Deviant Art page full of really cool Perler bead stuff and original characters right here! Because I am very fond of all of the Perler bead stuff I got, I have taken photos of it for this blog, but I have to make the disclaimer that all of these are much brighter looking in person and have been photographed against a cardboard box backdrop. My lack of photography skill has not lessened my enthusiasm for them, though, so here are some photos!

The first two Perler bead sprites, as displayed in this photo, are of SNK's Athena, from her titular NES game that I love the graphics from, despite the fact that I'm barely able to stand playing it, and Sonic the Hedgehog's Amy Rose. Both of them are really neat, and though I guess I picked a slightly sad looking pose for Amy, I wouldn't be too happy if some 8-bit girl in a bikini were about to kick me in the oversized eyeballs, either, so the girl's got an excuse.

The second piece in my grand scheme to clean Crausse out of every purple Perler bead in the county he lives in comes in the form of Akari, seen here as she appears in SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millenium for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. I like the character because she's cheerful, cute, and a bit evil, and this Perler bead piece is really cool, because it makes her look just like a magical girl! Plus, Crausse's recoloring of the sprite was really nifty and suits the character well.

Of all of the Perler bead pieces that Crausse sent me, though, I think that this one, of Rozalin from Disgaea 2, is probably my favorite. I did the pattern to match some of the cross stitch standees I'd made a while ago, and the Disgaea cross stitch patterns that are right here on this blog, and I had no idea that in plastic beads, it would look so bright and spiffy! Though this picture is a little shadowy, since I blocked out most of the light as I took the photo, the yellow and pink in this are impressively bright and spring-y looking, and I also can't understate the fact that, in person, this is really big, at over 10 inches tall, and quite cool looking.

Since I am now done posting photos of the Perler bead sprites I got in an art trade, it's time for today's cross stitch pattern, which is an 8-bit version of Yuna in her songstress outfit from Final Fantasy X-2! Though I've talked about my fascination with the pirated NES versions of PS1 and PS2 RPGs on here before, especially the weird version of Final Fantasy VII, I don't like any of the original versions of the games that got turned into NES RPGs nearly as much as I like the NES versions of them. Because I am incredibly shallow, however, one of my favorite Final Fantasy games was Final Fantasy X-2, since it was bright, cheerful, and filled with bubblegum pop music, so I decided to do an 8-bit version of Yuna from that game. I based it on the version of her that the artists who made all the stuff for the NES Final Fantasy X did, since I'm lazy and didn't think I could get her hairstyle down any better than they did, and then edited their sprite by hand, because I thought it would be fun at the time. Before I go on too long about pointless stuff, like the brand of pen and graph paper I used, though, here is the pattern!

Since this pattern is made to look like an NES Final Fantasy character, it is very small, and shouldn't take too long to stitch. If you find some black Aida cloth and skip doing her outline, she should be even faster, since I did some sprites very similar to her on that fabric in 45 minutes each. I think that the colors should also be easy to modify, if you have something different in mind for her or have other blue threads that'll work, since there's not a lot of intricate details involved here. Despite the simplicity of the pattern, though, I think that Yuna should be fun to stitch and hope that she'll come out to be cute!

As always, this post shall end with my saying that if you decide to stitch, or do any craft, with this pattern, or any of the others found here on this blog, feel free to send me a photo of your finished work, and I'll plaster it all over this blog! I also want to thank Celeste Monsour at Fandomania for featuring my needlepoint of Sookie Stackhouse in a really cool list of True Blood crafts that can be found by clicking on this colored text! (I think the Sookie amigurumi with the matching doggie Sam is my favorite, but all of the stuff is so cool! I'm really looking forward to the season 3 premiere on Sunday and should probably actually stitch the Bill pattern that I made so that Sookie can have a matching craft project.) Anyway, until my next, and hopefully more coherent post, I hope that everyone has a very good weekend with nice air conditioning!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It May Be Self-Promotion Day, But There's A Pikachu Cross Stitch Pattern If You Stick With It

Hello! I am a bit sleepy tonight, which I know is totally out of the ordinary here at Dork Stitch, so I'm not sure how long I'll write for, but I'm in a national magazine and have a huge new article at, so I figure I should at least say something! Plus, since this is a cross stitching blog, a new cross stitch pattern will be included, of the most iconic of all of the Pokemon, Pikachu!

To get things started tonight, I think I'll being by discussing the most directly-related-to-this-blog of the two things, which is that my cross stitching has been featured in the July 2010 issue of Nintendo Power, which has Sonic the Hedgehog on the cover! I'd be excited even if the extent of this was a thumbnail image of one of my projects that was a bit blurry and pixelated, but rather than that, the feature consists of a full page article at the very front of the community section, with bright and clear images of several of my cross stitches, including characters from Fire Emblem, the Legend of Zelda, Mario, and Metroid. What is perhaps the coolest thing about all of it, however, is that the article includes a link to this very blog! (If you came to this blog because of that article, I feel a little like I should apologize for the fact that a good half of the posts here are dedicated to my fawning over obsolete fighting games, but the pattern for the cross stitch of Princess Zelda featured in the article can be found in a previous post, at this shiny link, and several other spiffy Nintendo patterns can be found in other older posts.) At any rate, I am very grateful to Nintendo Power for putting me in their magazine, and to Andrew H. for interviewing me and writing an article that didn't make me sound like a rambling lunatic!

The other thing that I wanted to be all self-promoting about tonight is that I wrote a retrospective on the Neo Geo Pocket Color, a system that I'm sure no one here noticed I was fond of, for, and it is currently featured on the site's main page! I would recommend that everyone here go check it out, but I don't think my opinion on the matter is very trustworthy, so I will stop talking about it now and simply provide you with a helpful link. (It's here!)

Anyway, now that I'm done typing about my achievements, which I'm sure would be worth quite a bit if XBox achievement points applied to my life, it's time to post a cross stitch pattern! In order to celebrate the whole Nintendo Power thing, today's pattern, like the next few I post will be, is from a Nintendo game! I started thinking about what character to post last night, and though I probably spent way too much time weighing my options, I eventually decided to go with a pattern of Pikachu, because I like Pokemon and, no matter how many obscure Pokemon I rack up on my favorites list, I can't deny that Pikachu is really, really cute.

In order to make a pattern that was fairly detailed, but not too difficult or time consuming to stitch, I decided to use a sprite from Pokemon Yellow as the pattern's base, since it's an older sprite, meaning it's smaller, but still looks a lot like the anime version of Pikachu, and recolored it so that it looked even more like Pikachu's as-seen-on-TV character design. I thought for a few minutes about making it look more like the video game version than the TV one, but then I thought back to the episode of the anime where Pikachu ate a whole apple in one bite and fell out of a tree, which probably indicates that I need to be psychoanalyzed, and decided that the anime Pikachu had suffered enough to deserve its color scheme being used for this pattern.

Anyway, if you decide to stitch Pikachu or any of the other patterns featured here, send me a photo and I'll feature your work right here on this blog, for the entire internet to see! Either way, I'll keep posting as I have been for nearly a year now, with new patterns, weird photos of my own cross stitching work, and posts dedicated to the always-cool craft projects done from the patterns featured here. Also, if you've been looking through this blog and have a video game character you'd really like to see a cross stitch pattern of, please let me know, either through comments or e-mail, and I'll do my best to make a really nifty pattern of them! Until then, I hope all of you are having a very nice week so far.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Brief Art Trade Sendoff

Hello! Today's post will not be very long and it certainly won't be the most exciting thing ever posted here, but since I'm trying to avoid spending the afternoon watching a two and a half hour long biopic about a World War II era magician that I think is on just to spite people at this point, I might as well do something productive.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been cross stitching standees as part of an art trade with previous Dork Stitch gold star recipient Crausse, who can be found on Deviant Art at (Sometimes URLs can be so mysterious!) Though there's one of the four, and I won't say which here, that I built up an intense hatred for as I worked, for the most part, it was pretty fun, but now that all of them are complete, it's time to jam them all in an envelope, seal it so that none can escape, throw them in a mailbox and allow them to be thrown about by complete strangers until they arrive at the home of their new owner, who will liberate them from the hellish trap which I have so cruelly shoved upon them! Before all of that, however, I took the time to organize the standees for a nice photo, just to be posted on this blog.

From left to right, the entirely SNK-themed back row of this photo consists of Nakoruru and Mai, both of which came from Match of the Millenium for the Neo Geo Pocket Color and were recolored by me, and then Rock Howard, which is a custom sprite that I did, using Kaede from the NGPC version of The Last Blade as a base. The poor thing has no nose, but since he doesn't exist, I imagine he'll manage. In the front row is the sole representative of Capcom in a standee of Protoman, based on a sprite from Mega Man 9.

This is all I have on the project for now, but once I have the set of ultra-cute and girly Perler bead pieces that Crausse has made in my possession, another, and likely much longer blog post with plentiful photos shall be written! Until then, I have cross stitch patterns to post of everything from odd game characters to sprites from odd games edited to look like Korean pop stars, so I will be writing here again soon!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trying Something Slightly New, At Least For Dork Stitch

Hello! My siblings just finished watching 500 Days of Summer again, and I need to kill a few minutes before I go to bed, so posting on this blog seemed like the perfect way to even things out! Because I'm a bit sleepy and still dealing with the relief of knowing that I did not break in the last half hour, this won't be the longest blog post ever, but I have a nifty new pattern that I want to post, and I should be able to at least manage that before I pass out face first on the keyboard.

Anyway, lately, I've been looking for something new and interesting to do in terms of cross stitching, by which I mean that I've been typing free cross stitch patterns (or point de croix grilles gratuies, if I'm feeling saucy) into Google and seeing what pops up. Sometimes, I just see the same things every day, which is a little boring, but other times, I see things that look fun, like double sided cross stitch projects! (An example of what I'm talking about can be seen here, at an online shop that I've never used and, therefore, cannot vouch for the quality of.) I have never done anything like this before, though I am confident in my ability to figure it out, and, because of this, I decided to make a double sided cross stitch pattern of Athena Asamiya from the King of Fighters games and see how things worked out!

As you can see, this project is not particularly complex for both halves, let alone one of them, so if you want to stitch any or all parts of it, it should be a pretty fast project! The cheerful and cartoony sprite used for this pattern originally came from the Commodore 64 port of Athena, the arcade game that the character came from, though it took a lot of editing and recoloring to get to the point where she had a recognizable King of Fighters outfit. The look and pose, as well as the basic hairstyle are still from the C64 game, though, so without that game, this pattern would not be. In terms of the double sided aspects of this project, I did my best to make sure that it was detailed differently on each side, making for an interesting to stitch and nicer looking finished project, but the differences are not so major that I think it would be weird to flip it over that the star on her headband is only on one side of the doll. Plus, being the nerd that I am, that makes it closer to the way she looks in the King of Fighters games, which, although it may be meaningless to some, makes me quite happy.

At any rate, I am going to try and work on this some tomorrow, so that I will be able to let you know sooner rather than later if this experiment will work at all or not. If you decide to take a shot at making the Athena doll, too, let me know how it goes and photograph your finished project for a bit of Dork Stitch notoriety! Until then, I hope that all of you have a good night and a good rest of the week. I'll be back and posting again tomorrow or the next day with some (hopefully) fun cross stitch standee photos!