Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Brief Art Trade Sendoff

Hello! Today's post will not be very long and it certainly won't be the most exciting thing ever posted here, but since I'm trying to avoid spending the afternoon watching a two and a half hour long biopic about a World War II era magician that I think is on just to spite people at this point, I might as well do something productive.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been cross stitching standees as part of an art trade with previous Dork Stitch gold star recipient Crausse, who can be found on Deviant Art at (Sometimes URLs can be so mysterious!) Though there's one of the four, and I won't say which here, that I built up an intense hatred for as I worked, for the most part, it was pretty fun, but now that all of them are complete, it's time to jam them all in an envelope, seal it so that none can escape, throw them in a mailbox and allow them to be thrown about by complete strangers until they arrive at the home of their new owner, who will liberate them from the hellish trap which I have so cruelly shoved upon them! Before all of that, however, I took the time to organize the standees for a nice photo, just to be posted on this blog.

From left to right, the entirely SNK-themed back row of this photo consists of Nakoruru and Mai, both of which came from Match of the Millenium for the Neo Geo Pocket Color and were recolored by me, and then Rock Howard, which is a custom sprite that I did, using Kaede from the NGPC version of The Last Blade as a base. The poor thing has no nose, but since he doesn't exist, I imagine he'll manage. In the front row is the sole representative of Capcom in a standee of Protoman, based on a sprite from Mega Man 9.

This is all I have on the project for now, but once I have the set of ultra-cute and girly Perler bead pieces that Crausse has made in my possession, another, and likely much longer blog post with plentiful photos shall be written! Until then, I have cross stitch patterns to post of everything from odd game characters to sprites from odd games edited to look like Korean pop stars, so I will be writing here again soon!

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