Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Day of Featuring Stuff, With a Bonus Scott Pilgrim Cross Stitch Pattern and Piles of Photos

Hello! Since E3 went on this week, I spent a lot of time glued to my computer to work on news coverage and stuff, and though I thought that this would mean that I'd be doing a lot of posting here on this blog, it turned out that it didn't quite work out that way. All that means, however, is that I have a ton of stuff to post about today, with most of it revolving around work stitched and beaded by readers, so I will get started on that right away!

For the first part of this post, I have some really cool photos of finished work by Dawn, of Anime Stitching the Blog and Anime Stitching the Website, who is someone I write about here so often that I feel like I should have a tag for her on the sidebar. On the first couple of days of E3, I posted some patterns in the afternoon, and she had a pattern from each post done that night, which I think says something about both the fact that I was online way too long for both of those days and that she's really fast at cross stitching. Besides those, however, she stitched a third pattern from this blog within the same two days, meaning that she must have been quite busy! Before I go on for too long, however, here are her three finished projects, in the order in which they were stitched.

As you can see above, Dawn's three choices for projects were Monday's Solid Snake, which she stitched for her husband, including his call name, which was quite a nice touch, and Jessica and Hero from Dragon Quest VIII. All of them came out to look extremely nice, though I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Jessica, since she was part of a weird sampler type of project that I did a few months ago, and if you want to see full sized images of each of these projects, check out Dawn's Deviant Art page at

Those three cross stitches are not the end of today's reader projects, however, as perler/hama bead artist NekoMusume did a really cool version of one of the patterns from the pirated NES version of Final Fantasy VII, of Cloud, that I posted a few months ago! I was very excited to see one of those patterns in beads, since I'm probably more fond of them than I should be, and it looks really cool, especially since all of the colors are pretty calm looking except for the bright yellow of Cloud's hair, which makes for a good effect. Plus, as frequent readers of this blog know, I'm always impressed by the patience and steady hands of people who do beadwork, which certainly doesn't hurt my opinion of this piece. Before I go on about it too much, though, here is an actual image of NekoMusume's lovely work!

If you'd like to see a full sized version of Cloud, please visit him on NekoMusume's Deviant Art page, right at this link!  With all four of today's reader projects posted, though, it's time for today's official Dork Stitch gold star, which isn't really gold and is in fact a lot of stars, but should be sufficient for these purposes!

As you can see, today's Dork Stitch gold star is a bunch of origami stars that I dumped onto a plate and shoved around until they looked something like a star in order to commemorate Dawn and NekoMusume's works. I forgot to count them, so I can't assign any sort of weird significance to the amount of stars on the plate, but I can say that the papers they were folded from are all from Subtleknees on Deviant Art! There's quite a few sets included here, but all of them were of a high quality and folded to look very nice.
Anyway, since I am in quite a wordy mood today, I'm going to do one more segment before getting to today's cross stitch pattern, and that is about a contest I won during a very lucky week at Sophisticate Style,  a blog run by the very spiffy and, judging from my prize, incredibly patient Yolie. The contest was to share your funniest fashion disaster, and though I'm a bit too lazy to type the full story again, mine involved a gas leak and an open wound on my foot, and the prize was a really pretty seed bead bracelet, made up of a bunch of individual strands of beads connected quite seamlessly by a ring of beads wrapped around them, and, perhaps most impressively, is in a color that matches my Converse and a set of headbands I bought last weekend. My blurry photo doesn't really do a good job of showing it off, but I will post it nonetheless! (Thank you very much for the bracelet, Yolie, and, by the way, I loved the stationary that matched your blog! It was really cute.)

Okay, now that I'm officially almost burnt out on typing, I will post today's Dork Stitch cross stitch pattern, which is of Knives Chau from the Scott Pilgrim comics! I've always had it in my head that it would be really cool to cross stitch an entire page of a comic book, but in order to accomplish this, I think it's best to start small, so I tried my best to do some fan art of Bryan Lee O'Malley's original art for the comics (which is why Knives may look a bit off here), in order to see what stitching any sort part of a comic's page would be like,  and though the experience definitively taught me that it would probably be best to choose a comic in full color when I decide to go after that project, it's still been pretty fun to work on. Because of that, I am posting the pattern here in case anyone else wants to make it.  

Since I'm done with typing for the time being and will be done cross stitching Knives tommorrow, making it more likely that I'll be able to comment on her inherent stitchability then, I will leave this post for now! Thank you to everyone who made stuff based on patterns from here and watched or commented on the blog, and I hope that all of you have a good weekend! 

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