Friday, June 11, 2010

I Got Stuff From An Art Trade, and I Also Made a FFX-2 Cross Stitch Pattern Several Months Ago That I Am Just Posting Now!

Helllo! Since I made my title ridiculously long and fairly self-explanatory, I can probably jump right into my post without doing much introduction today. There's not much fun in that, though, so before I get going, I want to thank everyone for being so nice in your comments on my last post! I can't figure out how to do direct responses to the comments, which is probably my biggest problem with Blogger, but thanks very much to everyone who said they were going to check out the magazine, and in regards to Squishy Ishy and the oh-so-mysterious anonymous commenter, I'll do my best to make nifty patterns for Charmander and Metal Gear Solid (though it'll probably be related to the NES or Game Boy games) sometime during the next week! Now that that's done, I will proceed with the other pre-determined sections of this post!

For the first part of this, some readers of this blog may remember that, in the post before last, I went on for way too long about a set of cross stitch standees that I was sending off for an art trade, with a slightly blurry and dark photo of the crafts I'd done to mail away. Thankfully, they reached their destination without meeting any sort of terrible fate, and yesterday, I got a cardboard box full of extremely nifty Perler bead sprites thanks to Crausse, who has a Deviant Art page full of really cool Perler bead stuff and original characters right here! Because I am very fond of all of the Perler bead stuff I got, I have taken photos of it for this blog, but I have to make the disclaimer that all of these are much brighter looking in person and have been photographed against a cardboard box backdrop. My lack of photography skill has not lessened my enthusiasm for them, though, so here are some photos!

The first two Perler bead sprites, as displayed in this photo, are of SNK's Athena, from her titular NES game that I love the graphics from, despite the fact that I'm barely able to stand playing it, and Sonic the Hedgehog's Amy Rose. Both of them are really neat, and though I guess I picked a slightly sad looking pose for Amy, I wouldn't be too happy if some 8-bit girl in a bikini were about to kick me in the oversized eyeballs, either, so the girl's got an excuse.

The second piece in my grand scheme to clean Crausse out of every purple Perler bead in the county he lives in comes in the form of Akari, seen here as she appears in SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millenium for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. I like the character because she's cheerful, cute, and a bit evil, and this Perler bead piece is really cool, because it makes her look just like a magical girl! Plus, Crausse's recoloring of the sprite was really nifty and suits the character well.

Of all of the Perler bead pieces that Crausse sent me, though, I think that this one, of Rozalin from Disgaea 2, is probably my favorite. I did the pattern to match some of the cross stitch standees I'd made a while ago, and the Disgaea cross stitch patterns that are right here on this blog, and I had no idea that in plastic beads, it would look so bright and spiffy! Though this picture is a little shadowy, since I blocked out most of the light as I took the photo, the yellow and pink in this are impressively bright and spring-y looking, and I also can't understate the fact that, in person, this is really big, at over 10 inches tall, and quite cool looking.

Since I am now done posting photos of the Perler bead sprites I got in an art trade, it's time for today's cross stitch pattern, which is an 8-bit version of Yuna in her songstress outfit from Final Fantasy X-2! Though I've talked about my fascination with the pirated NES versions of PS1 and PS2 RPGs on here before, especially the weird version of Final Fantasy VII, I don't like any of the original versions of the games that got turned into NES RPGs nearly as much as I like the NES versions of them. Because I am incredibly shallow, however, one of my favorite Final Fantasy games was Final Fantasy X-2, since it was bright, cheerful, and filled with bubblegum pop music, so I decided to do an 8-bit version of Yuna from that game. I based it on the version of her that the artists who made all the stuff for the NES Final Fantasy X did, since I'm lazy and didn't think I could get her hairstyle down any better than they did, and then edited their sprite by hand, because I thought it would be fun at the time. Before I go on too long about pointless stuff, like the brand of pen and graph paper I used, though, here is the pattern!

Since this pattern is made to look like an NES Final Fantasy character, it is very small, and shouldn't take too long to stitch. If you find some black Aida cloth and skip doing her outline, she should be even faster, since I did some sprites very similar to her on that fabric in 45 minutes each. I think that the colors should also be easy to modify, if you have something different in mind for her or have other blue threads that'll work, since there's not a lot of intricate details involved here. Despite the simplicity of the pattern, though, I think that Yuna should be fun to stitch and hope that she'll come out to be cute!

As always, this post shall end with my saying that if you decide to stitch, or do any craft, with this pattern, or any of the others found here on this blog, feel free to send me a photo of your finished work, and I'll plaster it all over this blog! I also want to thank Celeste Monsour at Fandomania for featuring my needlepoint of Sookie Stackhouse in a really cool list of True Blood crafts that can be found by clicking on this colored text! (I think the Sookie amigurumi with the matching doggie Sam is my favorite, but all of the stuff is so cool! I'm really looking forward to the season 3 premiere on Sunday and should probably actually stitch the Bill pattern that I made so that Sookie can have a matching craft project.) Anyway, until my next, and hopefully more coherent post, I hope that everyone has a very good weekend with nice air conditioning!


  1. Hi, Missy. I wanted to comment on the other post but stupid LJ or stupid blogspot wouldn't let me. Tracked down a copy of Nintendo Power. Huzzah! Congratulations!

  2. Glad to see final fantasy stuff. Love your work.