Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It May Be Self-Promotion Day, But There's A Pikachu Cross Stitch Pattern If You Stick With It

Hello! I am a bit sleepy tonight, which I know is totally out of the ordinary here at Dork Stitch, so I'm not sure how long I'll write for, but I'm in a national magazine and have a huge new article at MyGamer.com, so I figure I should at least say something! Plus, since this is a cross stitching blog, a new cross stitch pattern will be included, of the most iconic of all of the Pokemon, Pikachu!

To get things started tonight, I think I'll being by discussing the most directly-related-to-this-blog of the two things, which is that my cross stitching has been featured in the July 2010 issue of Nintendo Power, which has Sonic the Hedgehog on the cover! I'd be excited even if the extent of this was a thumbnail image of one of my projects that was a bit blurry and pixelated, but rather than that, the feature consists of a full page article at the very front of the community section, with bright and clear images of several of my cross stitches, including characters from Fire Emblem, the Legend of Zelda, Mario, and Metroid. What is perhaps the coolest thing about all of it, however, is that the article includes a link to this very blog! (If you came to this blog because of that article, I feel a little like I should apologize for the fact that a good half of the posts here are dedicated to my fawning over obsolete fighting games, but the pattern for the cross stitch of Princess Zelda featured in the article can be found in a previous post, at this shiny link, and several other spiffy Nintendo patterns can be found in other older posts.) At any rate, I am very grateful to Nintendo Power for putting me in their magazine, and to Andrew H. for interviewing me and writing an article that didn't make me sound like a rambling lunatic!

The other thing that I wanted to be all self-promoting about tonight is that I wrote a retrospective on the Neo Geo Pocket Color, a system that I'm sure no one here noticed I was fond of, for MyGamer.com, and it is currently featured on the site's main page! I would recommend that everyone here go check it out, but I don't think my opinion on the matter is very trustworthy, so I will stop talking about it now and simply provide you with a helpful link. (It's here!)

Anyway, now that I'm done typing about my achievements, which I'm sure would be worth quite a bit if XBox achievement points applied to my life, it's time to post a cross stitch pattern! In order to celebrate the whole Nintendo Power thing, today's pattern, like the next few I post will be, is from a Nintendo game! I started thinking about what character to post last night, and though I probably spent way too much time weighing my options, I eventually decided to go with a pattern of Pikachu, because I like Pokemon and, no matter how many obscure Pokemon I rack up on my favorites list, I can't deny that Pikachu is really, really cute.

In order to make a pattern that was fairly detailed, but not too difficult or time consuming to stitch, I decided to use a sprite from Pokemon Yellow as the pattern's base, since it's an older sprite, meaning it's smaller, but still looks a lot like the anime version of Pikachu, and recolored it so that it looked even more like Pikachu's as-seen-on-TV character design. I thought for a few minutes about making it look more like the video game version than the TV one, but then I thought back to the episode of the anime where Pikachu ate a whole apple in one bite and fell out of a tree, which probably indicates that I need to be psychoanalyzed, and decided that the anime Pikachu had suffered enough to deserve its color scheme being used for this pattern.

Anyway, if you decide to stitch Pikachu or any of the other patterns featured here, send me a photo and I'll feature your work right here on this blog, for the entire internet to see! Either way, I'll keep posting as I have been for nearly a year now, with new patterns, weird photos of my own cross stitching work, and posts dedicated to the always-cool craft projects done from the patterns featured here. Also, if you've been looking through this blog and have a video game character you'd really like to see a cross stitch pattern of, please let me know, either through comments or e-mail, and I'll do my best to make a really nifty pattern of them! Until then, I hope all of you are having a very nice week so far.


  1. Hey why don't they come out with these old systems again. It seems people want them and there is a huge demand too!! I would love the old Atari system!!! I remember plays hours and hours of Joust and Centipede!!!
    Here is another congrats too you too!! :)

  2. Congrats on both articles! I'll have to go pick up a copy of Nintendo Power and check it out.

  3. July... Sonic on cover... Hang on....
    (Runs out door.)
    (Sounds of car starting, revving, and taking off.)
    (Sounds of car pulling in and turning off.)
    (Door opens.)
    Got it!

  4. Thanks for following! I love your site. lol I've just recently decided I must learn to cross stitch well. I can't wait to try this pikachu pattern. He was always my favorite. Him and charmander..

  5. Metal.Gear.Solid. Just a thought for your next pattern.