Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Purposely Outdated Looking Dragon Quest VIII Cross Stitch Patterns!

Hello! It's the second day of E3 coverage, and, because of that, it's the second day that I've got my nose buried in my laptop, waiting for something fantastic to happen. Earlier today, I covered the Nintendo keynote address for MyGamer.com, which you can check out here, but since then, I've been eating chicken sandwiches and making cross stitch patterns, which shall be posted here shortly!

Yesterday, I was on the computer for ten hours straight, which enabled me to get a lot of things done, but was strange in a lot of ways. Perhaps the weirdest of these was that, in the time that I was online, I both posted a set of patterns and saw one of them stitched, courtesy of Dawn, the writer of Anime Stitching. Since I'm on my laptop and can't handle gold stars properly at the moment, her finished work will be featured in a blog post in the very near future, but if you want to preemptively check out both of the Dork Stitch patterns that she recently stitched, check out her Deviant Art page! Because of a combination of not being able to effectively make any gold stars at the moment and a desire to do something other than stare at an AIM chat window, however, I did a couple of patterns per Dawn's (I think, at least) request of Hero from Dragon Quest VIII! They were pretty fun to design, so I hope that they'll be fun to stitch, too.

As you can probably tell from the thumbnails, both of these patterns are faux 8-bit versions of Dragon Quest VIII's Hero, with one being done in Dragon Quest style, because it is sort of logical, as far as these things go, and the other being done in an NES Final Fantasy style, to match the other fake 8-bit RPG characters I've posted patterns of in the past. Each of them should be fast to stitch on its own, with colors simple enough that sticking to the color key isn't that important, but in order to make stitching them as a pair a bit easier, I made sure that the floss colors were the same on each pattern down to the symbols, save for an extra shade of gray in the Final Fantasy style pattern.

Like always, if you stitch either version of Hero, or use him for any other craft, let me know and I'll show it off right here on this blog! It'll be totally all the way fun, and I will more than likely be a bit more timely about your showcase than I'm currently being for Dawn's! In terms of future posts, though, if you like Dragon Quest, July 3rd will be Dork Stitch's 2nd Annual Heal Slime Day, so mark your virtual calendars! It's going to be a really lame party, but it'll be a party nonetheless!


  1. Cool a new Dragon Quest game!!! :)

  2. I don't know if you take suggestions/requests for patterns, but any of the characters from The Guild (Web series and now a comic) would be awesome. The opening sequence has animated versions of the characters. If you've never seen the show its about a group of people who play an online game (similar to warcraft I imagine) together in a guild