Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Sort of Minor Fighting Game Character Cross Stitch Pattern Here? No Way!

Hello! I've been having a little trouble getting on here lately, though it's not clear as to why, so it's been nearly two weeks since my last post! With that being said, I want to thank my two new followers, since the blog must have seemed sort of dead, but I'm back and posting paragraph after paragraph of pointless text that leads up to an often unrelated cross stitch pattern yet again.

Today's Dork Stitch pattern is of Kasumi from Art of Fighting 3 and a bunch of King of Fighters games because, alarmingly enough, I've been playing a lot of fighting games for the past couple of days, which must come as a terrible shock to everyone reading this, and wanted to post a pattern that reflected this. In a slightly unusual turn of events, however, the game I've been playing wasn't made by SNK. To be fair, it's Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, meaning that the fact that every Capcom character in it looks like they're about to have a very violent tea with Hello Kitty probably balances any ambivalence I might normally feel about abandoning my fighting game company of choice. (My dad, as he watched me play, even made note of the fact that none of the characters had blue jackets or sideburns, despite his remark that Morrigan's green hair was a nice touch.) Despite the cuteness, however, which is very present, it's probably the hardest fighting game, at least to get used to, that I've played in ages. It's very entertaining, though, both in terms of gameplay and seeing all of the weird outfits everyone can change into, so I think I'll try to keep at it until I get to be at least adequate at the game.

Now that the standard tangent is out of the way, here is today's pattern! Kasumi is rather small, and though I tried to make the colors on the sprite fairly detailed, they shouldn't add a lot of time and effort to stitching it. In fact, if you know someone who puts this sort of outfit and beats on people for fun, it should be fairly easy to modify the pattern to match your delinquent, or maybe merely aggressive, friend. Anyway, here is the actual pattern!

Just like I always type, if you decide to stitch this, I'd love to see your finished work, and will gladly feature it right here on this blog! I have quite a waiting list of stuff to post, so the future holds a really long display of the stitching of others, as well as several new, exciting, and probably uncalled for cross stitch patterns. Until then, however, I hope that all of you have a decent weekend and a good enough next week!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Relatively Uncalled For Dragon Ball Cross Stitch Pattern and the First Half of the Scott Pilgrim Set Stitched

Hello! This afternoon, I feel slightly bored. I wandered around Deviant Art for a little bit, and then went to this minimal, but strangely fascinating Pokemon online game called PokeFarm for a while, where I got a Caterpie and named it Ceramic Mug. After naming a virtual pet after kitchenware, however, I couldn't very well stick around and cause more trouble, which led me here for a few minutes. I don't have too much to say today, but since I almost always have new cross stitch patterns to post, it seemed like a reasonable solution.

Today's new cross stitch pattern is of Launch from Dragon Ball. Since I've been watching Dragon Ball Z multiple times a week lately, it seemed to make sense that I should do some sort of fan art for it, especially since I'm shallow enough to have done fan art for shows I've never even seen, if the characters have enough fluffy hair and pretty clothes. The problem with Dragon Ball Z is that almost no one on it has fluffy hair and nifty clothes, placing it decidedly outside of my usual cross stitching subjects. As minor as she is in the series I'm watching, however, Launch seemed to fit that, and the fact that the character is also somewhat a psychopath didn't hurt when I was trying to decide what character to do a pattern of, either. The pattern that I made is based on an anime screenshot and sort of big, at 100 stitches wide by 60 high, but since I designed it for needlepoint, it's also relatively simple, meaning that she can probably be made within a few days. If anyone wants the blond "I'm gonna shoot stuff and yell a lot" version of her to match, I'd be glad to chart that, but for now, here's a pattern for the poofy haired and relatively non-violent version!

Now that I have a pattern for today posted, I feel a little better about moving into the showing stuff off without really benefiting anyone section of the post, which comes in the form of a photo of the stitched versions that I did of the Scott Pilgrim patterns that I posted. (Three more patterns in the set will be coming very soon, possibly starting later this week, for anyone who wants to stitch these for themselves.) All of these have been posted individually at my Deviant Art page, and I put a photo of Knives here, too, but since I have a blurry and badly lit photograph of the first three of them (Knives, Scott, and Ramona, from left to right), I certainly couldn't let it rot on in my My Pictures folder. Without any further ado, here is my poorly photographed work!

Anyway, I'm out of things to post right now, so I am going to go bother some other segment of the internet. I will be back and posting again very soon, though, with more spiffy cross stitch patterns and lovely stitched work from readers!

Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Party Time In The Mushroom Kingdom!

Hello! I think that I am falling asleep at the computer desk, so now is probably not the best time to be blogging, but at least it will keep my post brief, right? Today, I'm really sleepy because my sister went with a friend to a midnight showing of Inception. This, on the surface, does not sound like something that would affect me, but while she was gone, I thought that I couldn't possibly sleep through her getting back. Therefore, it seemed to me that the only reasonable thing to do was to play Phantasy Star II until 2:30 am, since that's what all the cool kids are playing nowadays. When that was added to the thrills I faced earlier in the day, which included my grand completion of gaming masterpiece Burger Rush, I found that I couldn't possibly sleep, meaning that I was awake until 4. I did pretty well for most of the day, going to see Inception with my family (including my sister, who is proud to be the first person in town to have seen it twice), doing crafts, and eating really unhealthy food, but at this point, I feel a little like I just woke up from being hit in the head with a mallet and that while I was unconscious, my eye sockets were used as the attacker's sand art project.

Actually, my current state of mind probably has a lot to do with what today's cross stitch pattern is. I hope that you enjoy it!

As you are most likely able to see, today's Dork Stitch cross stitch pattern is of Princess Toadstool, or Peach, if you're a bit more modern, offering you, the crafter, a bottle of liquor. To be fair to the sprite I used for this pattern, it's from Super Mario Kart, and the champagne is her prize for winning a race. No matter what the explanation is, however, I'm still immature enough to giggle every time I see this. If this amuses you as much as it does me, it is a little floss-color heavy, with 14 colors being used for a relatively small sprite, but I still don't think it would be very difficult to stitch. In fact, I hope to make this myself at some point!

I think that it's time for me to leave this blog now, so that I can go play pointless games until I go to bed, read, fall asleep and forget everything I just read, and read it again tomorrow, but as always, if you want to use any of the patterns found on this blog, let me know and they'll be posted here! I have a really big features journal coming up soon, and certainly wouldn't mind having more stuff to write about! Until then, I have many more patterns to post and an infinite amount of pointless things to chatter about, so I hope to see you again soon!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Scott Pilgrim Pattern? It's Lucky Star All Over Again!

Hello! Tonight, I ate a bunch of candy and lemon bars and, on top of that, took my inhaler, which makes me feel ultra-perky, so I'm having a little trouble sitting still, meaning that this may not be the longest post ever here at this blog. I've shoved on a pair of headphones in an effort to keep myself in front of the computer, though, so hopefully, I can get something accomplished!

The first thing that I want to say today is that soon, I have an awesome post about stuff people have stitched from patterns on this blog, featuring a variety of really nice work from some extremely talented cross stitchers on Deviant Art, along with a harsh rebuttal to the July 3rd celebration of Heal Slime Day. However, I plan to use perler beads to make the gold stars for this post, and since I believe the technical temperature during the afternoon as of late is 900 degrees with 700 percent humidity, I have not gotten around to doing anything that requires an iron for a while. I have not forgotten about any of it, though, and will have a really cool post with bright colors and pretty pictures quite soon!

The second order of business for today, which should lead into the rest of the post quite nicely, is that the Scott Pilgrim patterns I posted in the last few weeks were featured on, a really cool website that was disappointing only in that it gave a link to a free Doctor Who game that only people in the UK are allowed to download! (I should have known it would happen after being fully aware of the fact that the BBC also won't allow me to download the Radio One chart show podcast, though I look forward to the promised July US release of the games.) I would like to thank Katie, the author of the article, very much for referring to me as a "needle-wielder extraordinaire," since it makes me sound way more dangerous than I really am, and for the article as a whole! It was really cool, and I really appreciate it! Plus, it gave me two more things to sit around and type about, for which I am always grateful.

The first of these things is that the article mentions that a photo of a finished version of the Ramona pattern hasn't shown up here yet, which is because, despite my intentions to finish her within a couple of days, she has not actually been completed yet. This afternoon, I sat down and watched a two and a half hour movie, and worked on Ramona the entire time that it was on, which means that significant progress was made on the project. Unfortunately for that project, the movie was Jackie Brown, which served to remind me that I also hadn't finished an anime style cross stitch of Elle Driver from Kill Bill, since both were directed by Tarantino, so after the movie was over, poor Ramona got set aside again, since I have it in my head that Elle can be finished within a couple of days and will also be the awesom-est cross stitch ever. She should be finished eventually, though!

In a much more productive turn of events, this article also reminded me that I had a third cross stitch pattern in the Scott Pilgrim set to post! Strangely enough, it is of Scott Pilgrim himself, which I know is totally illogical. It is not the last pattern that will be in the set, since there are at least two more that I'd like to do charts for, but it is the one that will be posted here today! Without any further meaningless yabbering, here is the pattern!

Just like the two Scott Pilgrim patterns that preceded this, it is a single color pattern of about 75 by 60, so I can't really say anything about its easy of stitching that I didn't go on about when I posted Knives or Ramona. What I can say, however, is that if you decide to stitch this or any of the other patterns featured on this blog, I would love to see your finished project and will gladly shove it into one of my needlessly chatty feature posts!

Anyway, I'm leaving this blog for now, to work on more cross stitch patterns and play Burger Rush, which is my very favorite hamburger themed match-3 time management game, hopefully until I feel relaxed enough to pass out! I have a ton of patterns waiting to go, including, as always, some SNK stuff, a really odd Princess Toadstool, and piles of quick to stitch Vocaloids, among many other things. Until my next post, though (and after, since it's not like I'm wishing things to start going very poorly for you at that point) I hope that all of you have a nice week and continue to enjoy the summer, or the winter, depending on what hemisphere you're in!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's The 2nd Annual Dork Stitch Heal Slime Day!

Hello, everyone out there who happens to be reading this blog! Welcome to this post for July 3rd, 2010, which is Dork Stitch's second annual celebration of the totally made up but still vaguely relevant Dork Stitch Heal Slime Day! On this day last year, I was sort of bored and found the strategy guide for the first Dragon Quest game, so I scanned in an image of a Heal Slime day, worked it into a cross stitch pattern, and then, for some unknown reason, declared the post containing this pattern to be Dork Stitch Heal Slime Day for 2009. When I did that, I hadn't intended for Heal Slime Day to become a regular occurrence, since this blog was new enough that I wasn't even sure it would actually last until the next July 3rd. Since then, however, this blog has gotten 34 followers, had tons of patterns from it stitched, and even been mentioned in Nintendo Power! These successes are likely totally unrelated to the fact that, at one point, I did a post about Heal Slime, but in the interest of faulty logic, for today I am attributing everything good that happened with this blog over the past year to the lovely little Dragon Quest monster and having a grand celebration dedicated to the Heal Slime!

The first order of business for Dork Stitch Heal Slime Day is, naturally, a Heal Slime themed cross stitch pattern! Last year's pattern was of a fairly ordinary Heal Slime, all blue and wobbly looking, and though there's nothing wrong with that in the slightest, for this year's pattern, I've decided to use Mr. Hooly, a friendly and delightful Heal Slime who was featured as the protagonist's father in Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime for the DS. Though I have no direct evidence that this Mr. Hooly is actually delightful, the fact that he's wearing glasses and a tie makes him look quite whimsical in comparison to his fellow Heal Slimes, who lack the sense to dress for business, but make up for it by having decent eyesight. Without any further ado, here is a cross stitch pattern for the remarkable Mr. Hooly!

Now, on a normal day, a cross stitch pattern would be quite enough for any blog post, but since today is Dork Stitch Heal Slime Day, more is required! Because of that, I have taken the liberty of preparing a sheet of origami star paper featuring the many members of the Heal Slime family. That way, even fans of Heal Slime who aren't interested in cross stitching or other pixel-friendly crafts can fold a pile of lucky stars featuring their favorite Dragon Quest monster! In order to make this star paper, I used a template by Blackheartqueen of Deviant Art and several sprites from Dragon Quest 4 for the NES. Mostly, however, this sheet of origami star paper was made with a charming combination of joy and insanity.

For the moment, I have exhausted my resources for Dork Stitch Heal Slime day, but since it's only midnight, if any of you have any amazing Heal Slime related content or stories, let me know, and I'll do a second post for the day! Until then, I want to thank everyone who's visited, followed, or used anything posted on this blog and hope for another happy year of Dork Stitch!