Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's The 2nd Annual Dork Stitch Heal Slime Day!

Hello, everyone out there who happens to be reading this blog! Welcome to this post for July 3rd, 2010, which is Dork Stitch's second annual celebration of the totally made up but still vaguely relevant Dork Stitch Heal Slime Day! On this day last year, I was sort of bored and found the strategy guide for the first Dragon Quest game, so I scanned in an image of a Heal Slime day, worked it into a cross stitch pattern, and then, for some unknown reason, declared the post containing this pattern to be Dork Stitch Heal Slime Day for 2009. When I did that, I hadn't intended for Heal Slime Day to become a regular occurrence, since this blog was new enough that I wasn't even sure it would actually last until the next July 3rd. Since then, however, this blog has gotten 34 followers, had tons of patterns from it stitched, and even been mentioned in Nintendo Power! These successes are likely totally unrelated to the fact that, at one point, I did a post about Heal Slime, but in the interest of faulty logic, for today I am attributing everything good that happened with this blog over the past year to the lovely little Dragon Quest monster and having a grand celebration dedicated to the Heal Slime!

The first order of business for Dork Stitch Heal Slime Day is, naturally, a Heal Slime themed cross stitch pattern! Last year's pattern was of a fairly ordinary Heal Slime, all blue and wobbly looking, and though there's nothing wrong with that in the slightest, for this year's pattern, I've decided to use Mr. Hooly, a friendly and delightful Heal Slime who was featured as the protagonist's father in Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime for the DS. Though I have no direct evidence that this Mr. Hooly is actually delightful, the fact that he's wearing glasses and a tie makes him look quite whimsical in comparison to his fellow Heal Slimes, who lack the sense to dress for business, but make up for it by having decent eyesight. Without any further ado, here is a cross stitch pattern for the remarkable Mr. Hooly!

Now, on a normal day, a cross stitch pattern would be quite enough for any blog post, but since today is Dork Stitch Heal Slime Day, more is required! Because of that, I have taken the liberty of preparing a sheet of origami star paper featuring the many members of the Heal Slime family. That way, even fans of Heal Slime who aren't interested in cross stitching or other pixel-friendly crafts can fold a pile of lucky stars featuring their favorite Dragon Quest monster! In order to make this star paper, I used a template by Blackheartqueen of Deviant Art and several sprites from Dragon Quest 4 for the NES. Mostly, however, this sheet of origami star paper was made with a charming combination of joy and insanity.

For the moment, I have exhausted my resources for Dork Stitch Heal Slime day, but since it's only midnight, if any of you have any amazing Heal Slime related content or stories, let me know, and I'll do a second post for the day! Until then, I want to thank everyone who's visited, followed, or used anything posted on this blog and hope for another happy year of Dork Stitch!

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