Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Party Time In The Mushroom Kingdom!

Hello! I think that I am falling asleep at the computer desk, so now is probably not the best time to be blogging, but at least it will keep my post brief, right? Today, I'm really sleepy because my sister went with a friend to a midnight showing of Inception. This, on the surface, does not sound like something that would affect me, but while she was gone, I thought that I couldn't possibly sleep through her getting back. Therefore, it seemed to me that the only reasonable thing to do was to play Phantasy Star II until 2:30 am, since that's what all the cool kids are playing nowadays. When that was added to the thrills I faced earlier in the day, which included my grand completion of gaming masterpiece Burger Rush, I found that I couldn't possibly sleep, meaning that I was awake until 4. I did pretty well for most of the day, going to see Inception with my family (including my sister, who is proud to be the first person in town to have seen it twice), doing crafts, and eating really unhealthy food, but at this point, I feel a little like I just woke up from being hit in the head with a mallet and that while I was unconscious, my eye sockets were used as the attacker's sand art project.

Actually, my current state of mind probably has a lot to do with what today's cross stitch pattern is. I hope that you enjoy it!

As you are most likely able to see, today's Dork Stitch cross stitch pattern is of Princess Toadstool, or Peach, if you're a bit more modern, offering you, the crafter, a bottle of liquor. To be fair to the sprite I used for this pattern, it's from Super Mario Kart, and the champagne is her prize for winning a race. No matter what the explanation is, however, I'm still immature enough to giggle every time I see this. If this amuses you as much as it does me, it is a little floss-color heavy, with 14 colors being used for a relatively small sprite, but I still don't think it would be very difficult to stitch. In fact, I hope to make this myself at some point!

I think that it's time for me to leave this blog now, so that I can go play pointless games until I go to bed, read, fall asleep and forget everything I just read, and read it again tomorrow, but as always, if you want to use any of the patterns found on this blog, let me know and they'll be posted here! I have a really big features journal coming up soon, and certainly wouldn't mind having more stuff to write about! Until then, I have many more patterns to post and an infinite amount of pointless things to chatter about, so I hope to see you again soon!

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