Monday, July 19, 2010

A Relatively Uncalled For Dragon Ball Cross Stitch Pattern and the First Half of the Scott Pilgrim Set Stitched

Hello! This afternoon, I feel slightly bored. I wandered around Deviant Art for a little bit, and then went to this minimal, but strangely fascinating Pokemon online game called PokeFarm for a while, where I got a Caterpie and named it Ceramic Mug. After naming a virtual pet after kitchenware, however, I couldn't very well stick around and cause more trouble, which led me here for a few minutes. I don't have too much to say today, but since I almost always have new cross stitch patterns to post, it seemed like a reasonable solution.

Today's new cross stitch pattern is of Launch from Dragon Ball. Since I've been watching Dragon Ball Z multiple times a week lately, it seemed to make sense that I should do some sort of fan art for it, especially since I'm shallow enough to have done fan art for shows I've never even seen, if the characters have enough fluffy hair and pretty clothes. The problem with Dragon Ball Z is that almost no one on it has fluffy hair and nifty clothes, placing it decidedly outside of my usual cross stitching subjects. As minor as she is in the series I'm watching, however, Launch seemed to fit that, and the fact that the character is also somewhat a psychopath didn't hurt when I was trying to decide what character to do a pattern of, either. The pattern that I made is based on an anime screenshot and sort of big, at 100 stitches wide by 60 high, but since I designed it for needlepoint, it's also relatively simple, meaning that she can probably be made within a few days. If anyone wants the blond "I'm gonna shoot stuff and yell a lot" version of her to match, I'd be glad to chart that, but for now, here's a pattern for the poofy haired and relatively non-violent version!

Now that I have a pattern for today posted, I feel a little better about moving into the showing stuff off without really benefiting anyone section of the post, which comes in the form of a photo of the stitched versions that I did of the Scott Pilgrim patterns that I posted. (Three more patterns in the set will be coming very soon, possibly starting later this week, for anyone who wants to stitch these for themselves.) All of these have been posted individually at my Deviant Art page, and I put a photo of Knives here, too, but since I have a blurry and badly lit photograph of the first three of them (Knives, Scott, and Ramona, from left to right), I certainly couldn't let it rot on in my My Pictures folder. Without any further ado, here is my poorly photographed work!

Anyway, I'm out of things to post right now, so I am going to go bother some other segment of the internet. I will be back and posting again very soon, though, with more spiffy cross stitch patterns and lovely stitched work from readers!


  1. Hooray, it's Launch! She was always my favorite character from the classic series (with the possible exception of Mai).

  2. Is there any possibility that you'd post some Plants vs Zombies stitches? :)