Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Sort of Minor Fighting Game Character Cross Stitch Pattern Here? No Way!

Hello! I've been having a little trouble getting on here lately, though it's not clear as to why, so it's been nearly two weeks since my last post! With that being said, I want to thank my two new followers, since the blog must have seemed sort of dead, but I'm back and posting paragraph after paragraph of pointless text that leads up to an often unrelated cross stitch pattern yet again.

Today's Dork Stitch pattern is of Kasumi from Art of Fighting 3 and a bunch of King of Fighters games because, alarmingly enough, I've been playing a lot of fighting games for the past couple of days, which must come as a terrible shock to everyone reading this, and wanted to post a pattern that reflected this. In a slightly unusual turn of events, however, the game I've been playing wasn't made by SNK. To be fair, it's Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, meaning that the fact that every Capcom character in it looks like they're about to have a very violent tea with Hello Kitty probably balances any ambivalence I might normally feel about abandoning my fighting game company of choice. (My dad, as he watched me play, even made note of the fact that none of the characters had blue jackets or sideburns, despite his remark that Morrigan's green hair was a nice touch.) Despite the cuteness, however, which is very present, it's probably the hardest fighting game, at least to get used to, that I've played in ages. It's very entertaining, though, both in terms of gameplay and seeing all of the weird outfits everyone can change into, so I think I'll try to keep at it until I get to be at least adequate at the game.

Now that the standard tangent is out of the way, here is today's pattern! Kasumi is rather small, and though I tried to make the colors on the sprite fairly detailed, they shouldn't add a lot of time and effort to stitching it. In fact, if you know someone who puts this sort of outfit and beats on people for fun, it should be fairly easy to modify the pattern to match your delinquent, or maybe merely aggressive, friend. Anyway, here is the actual pattern!

Just like I always type, if you decide to stitch this, I'd love to see your finished work, and will gladly feature it right here on this blog! I have quite a waiting list of stuff to post, so the future holds a really long display of the stitching of others, as well as several new, exciting, and probably uncalled for cross stitch patterns. Until then, however, I hope that all of you have a decent weekend and a good enough next week!

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