Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun With Webmaster Tools Leads to a New Pattern!

Hello! Because I am shallow and curious about this blog's place on the internet, I often check my mystical Google webmaster tools, just to see where it is popping up from behind corners and scaring people on search engines. I hadn't done this for a couple of weeks, though, so I was a little surprised to see that, after quite a long time on the top, Knives Chau, of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, had dethroned Amy Rose, of Sonic the Hedgehog, as the character that my blog pops up on the most searches for. I always thought the Amy Rose thing was a little weird, since my pattern for her was not that good, but in order to celebrate the fact that Knives is this blog's new ambassador to search engines, I have a new pattern of her to post!

As you can likely see, this pattern is much smaller than the previous one of the character I had posted, so this version of Knives can be stitched in just a few hours. When I designed this pattern, I was able to both draw it out and stitch it within the same night, which should tell you how time consuming and difficult it is to complete. (My finished project is the example on the pattern itself, but can also be viewed here!) Plus, she has a totally different haircut than she did in the last Dork Stitch pattern of her, so this obviously suffers no redundancy whatsoever. In regards to the pattern itself, however, I drew it out when I was stitching a lot of sprites from Game Boy ports of fighting games, so I'd originally intended for it to look like the graphics from one of those games. Because all of those seem to have such prominent outlines, however, I was having a lot of trouble getting all of the detail into the size of pattern that I wanted, so I scribbled out what I was working on and started over, leaving the pattern as more of a 100 year old European DMC pattern version of Knives Chau than a Game Boy King of Fighters game version of her. I'm not sure that actually matters to anyone, but I wanted to type it out, so there's some really boring information for you!

It was sort of fun to design the pattern like this, though, so I'll probably make more of the Scott Pilgrim characters in this style. If there are any of them you'd like to see in particular, though, let me know and I'll see if I can make a halfway recognizable motif-type pattern of them! (As an English major, I realize this belongs in the previous paragraph, but I actually wanted people to read this, so I made it a new paragraph and red. People have started to type tl;dr at the top of their replies to my notes on Deviant Art, so I need to do something.)

At any rate, if you choose to cross stitch or bead or do any sort of craft with this lovely pattern of Knives, let me know, and your work could be featured on this very blog! Aside from that, though, I found an entire folder of patterns I've forgotten to post in the past, so it ought to be a bit busier here for a little bit! Also, thank you to Crafty Crafty for doing an article on my last set of Scott Pilgrim cross stitch patterns! I never object to my patterns or stitching being referred to as ass-kicking, so it is very much appreciated.


  1. I still don't know at all who Scott Pilgrim is, yet I still think this is awesome XD Ok, I know I little ( had to ask good old Google) Talking about Google, how can you check this about blog searches?

  2. Scott Pilgrim is so cool!!
    He's Canadian!! :P
    A real shame you can't get the game for your system!!