Monday, September 6, 2010

A Cross Stitch Pattern That Harkens Back to the Old Days of Dork Stitch

Hello, everyone! I haven't posted here for a while, so tonight, I dug through my patterns folder in order to find something passable, as well as not Scott Pilgrim related, since I need to spread that out a bit better, to post here tonight. Since I'm a little bit sleepy and have slightly worn out eyes after doing 1200 stitches on an attempt to recreate part of a poster for The 400 Blows in needlepoint for my sister's birthday (which I might post the pattern for at a later date), I will not go on about it for too long. Still, here is today's pattern, featuring, as many patterns here in the past have, a lovely cast member of Lucky Star! Today's victim is Kagami, who's only had one pattern here in the past, making her long due for another. (Oddly enough, I think the other is Konata, though I had a second pattern of her online when Little Mojo's site was still around. I'll have to see if I can find that!) Since she's cosplaying very convincingly as Miku Hatsune (the popular Vocaloid who, despite the fact that I can't stand to listen to her songs for more than ten seconds, I very much enjoy doing fan art of) she might, at first, seem a little unrecognizable. Upon closer examination, however, her very identifiable, "Oh my God, I can't believe I'm wearing this stupid outfit!" expression can be clearly discerned.

In terms of the pattern itself, Kagami is very easy to stitch, both in terms of speed and switching colors from the key for stuff you actually have. I made this back in April, and it took me a whopping two days to needlepoint it (the results of which can be seen here), and though cross stitching her would doubtlessly take a little longer, it should still be a relatively fast project. Plus, if you hate Lucky Star and are a big Vocaloid fan, you can just stitch the hair color instead of the sweat drop and say it was Miku all along!

I applaud you if you made it through this mass of mostly incoherent text! If after all of that, you decide that you want to stitch this pattern, let me know, and I shall blog about your accomplishments right here! I should be back to post again soon, since I just unearthed a massive amount of patterns formerly posted at Little Mojo's site in the "sent items" box of my e-mail, as well as some previously unseen and brand new patterns of all sizes! Until then, however, I hope that all of you had a nice Monday and continue on to have a good week!

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