Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dragon Quest, Pokemon, and SNK? It's a Pattern Party at Dork Stitch!

Hello! I haven't posted here in quite a while, but last night, I stopped by my blogger dashboard to see that I'd made it all the way up to 50 followers! This may not be a momentous occasion, but I was certainly excited about it, so I immediately set about preparing patterns for this lovely commemorative post. Unfortunately, I was a bit wobbly-headed from sitting through half of a high school football game and following it up with coffee and 2D fighting games, so I ended up not writing anything here last night. Today, however, I'm ready to go, with three fairly large cross stitch patterns to post in celebration of Dork Stitch finally reaching the 50 follower mark!

Today's first pattern is, in form true to this blog, a character from an SNK fighting game. Today's victim is Shiki from Samurai Shodown, who for this pattern was simplified and made to look more anime-ish, since I think that sort of thing is fun to stitch. Because of that, she's not too hard to stitch, and if you have a favorite color scheme for her, grab the corresponding floss colors and have at it! I recommend taking a bit of care with alterations to the standard color scheme, though- I needlepointed this with slightly different colors, and it made her look a bit like a really terrifying and underdressed Mega Man cosplayer. Plus, if you cross stitch her, you get to do embroidered side-boob, which, immature as I am, is quite amusing to me. The whole "I will stab your intestines" pose is really fun for craft projects, too, so she also has that going for her.

Today's second pattern is a holdover from the days of Little Mojo's Anime Cross Stitch Patterns, featuring May from Pokemon! It's one of the earlier cross stitch patterns that I made, but is currently homeless, so this blog is as good a place for it as any. Plus, I don't know if this as ever been stitched before, despite the fact that it's been floating around the web for ages, so maybe this will get her the exposure she deserves. The colors are sort of specific, but I think that it's a cute pose and would be fun to stitch. Plus, May is a lot cooler than Dawn, for people who are into fighting over which of the Pokemon girls is spiffiest. It's an important debate that all facets of society need to discuss.

For the final pattern of today's mega post, I have selected this lovely pattern of a Slime Stack from Dragon Quest IX! I originally designed this so that I could needlepoint it as a gift for my mother's birthday, so I can attest to the fact that this is very easy, if not slightly unexciting to stitch. It is, however, very much a Slime Stack, which I feel gives it an advantage of many comparable cross stitch patterns! If you'd like to switch colors to make it a Gem Jamboree or a Metal Medley, that would also be very doable, though I'm not sure how interesting it would be to stitch a Metal Medley. With some glitter floss, though, I think that making a Gem Jamboree would be really cool.

Anyway, with those three relatively large patterns posted, I'm off to make another fairly unreasonable pattern to post in the future! Thank you to all of you who watch Dork Stitch, and I hope that you enjoy stitching the stuff I post here! There will be more posts soon, with more weird and nerdy cross stitch patterns included!