Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The End of the 8-Bit Dragon Quest VIII Set

Hello! I'm spending my cloudy and gray afternoon drinking diet soda and listening to BBC Radio One off of the satellite dish, and coming here and posting to this blog seemed like the perfect compliment to these activities! I don't have any thrilling or shocking patterns to post here, though I'm pretty sure that whatever I could come up with to fit that would be terrifying, since the first thing that popped into my head was an intricate blackwork pattern of some guy who'd had his head cut off. I do, however, have the last two patterns in the 8-bit Dragon Quest VIII set of patterns to post here today, so at least it's something!

Before I post these, I have to say that they've been sitting on my hard drive for over a month and a half, so the entire set has been stitched by fellow nerd-friendly cross stitch blogger Dawn, as can be seen below (and at her super-cool Deviant Art page, if you want the full scope of the image).

Since I was rather pleased with how these patterns came out on paper and, if Dawn's stitching is any indication, think that they look nifty stitched, too, I am not sure why I forgot making these patterns. The reason why they didn't get posted at first is most likely that I was really lazy or unable to create a coherent sentence the day that I made the sprites and got them charted. I remembered them the other day, though, is because I was playing Dragon Quest IV and started thinking about tiny versions of all of the characters as I sat around, stuck in a long battle made even more tedious by the fact that I'd accidentally used that stupid spell that turns all of your party members into metal for several turns. When I thought about that, however, I remembered that I'd done a pattern of Jessica from VIII to go with one I'd done of Meena from IV back in January, which reminded me that this whole set existed.

Exciting stories like that are the reason that you come to this blog, aren't they?

At any rate, in order to get the whole set easily accessible from this post, I just want to add some links to let you know that both Hero and Jessica have been posted here in the past, matching today's lovely patterns of Angelo and Yangus! I made a slight modification to the Angelo pattern today from where it stood when I originally sent Dawn the pattern, making the suggested floss colors for his gloves a bit more gray than green, but other than that, these patterns are the same as those pictured above! They should be quick to stitch and excellent for using up spare strings of floss, so I hope you like them.

Well, since I have today's patterns posted, I suppose that I'm done for now, but I will be back with more rubbish to post soon! Until then, I hope that all of you are having a decent November and a pleasant day!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, Albeit a Very Small Version of Her

Hello! Tonight, I was very much excited about making a post here at Dork Stitch, even though I wasn't quite sure what I was actually going to post. A combination of very weak coffee and something I took to take care of an allergy induced cough has left me feeling a little more energetic than I ought to be, though, so sitting here and typing seems like as good a way to kill time as any! Plus, I'm typing very quickly right now and don't want to let that go to waste.

Anyway, last month, I spent a lot of time sitting at the computer without being quite sure what to do, which led me to make dozens of tiny custom sprites based on the graphics in Phantasy Star II, an RPG for the Sega Genesis. (Yes, I do realize that this is an abnormal thing to do, but it was entertaining and will work out well in the long run in regards to craft projects.) If you watch my Deviant Art page, you've probably seen tons of these sprites popping up on origami star folding paper, since I know the entire world was waiting with bated breath for the day that a printable set of Art of Fighting star paper was made, and I've cross stitched a few of them, too, though I haven't really done much with those yet. When stitching them, however, they were noticeably fast, with each of them taking only a few hours to complete, and are small enough that they're good for eating up spare thread that you may have lying around. Because of this, I have decided to begin posting some of these sprites here with tonight's cross stitch pattern, featuring the lovely Magical Girl Pretty Sammy and her rival, Pixy Misa!

If you are a fan of Tenchi Muyo, which is one of my favorite anime, then you are probably aware of the whole Magical Girl Pretty Sammy thing, but if you haven't seen it, the three episode OAV about Pretty Sammy, who is the alter ego of series regular Sasami, is really funny, enjoyable, and all packed together on one out of print and, at this point, rather overpriced DVD. If you could care less about the anime and just want to cross stitch some tiny people in frilly dresses, however, this pattern should work well for you, too! As I said before, both Pretty Sammy and Pixy Misa are very easy to stitch, and the simplicity of the patterns means that you can pretty much use whatever colors you like on either of them.

If you like these patterns, I have over 50 of them, so I could go on posting them for ages, and would gladly do requests for characters you'd like to see in this simplified style! If you stitch them, I'd love to see how they end up, too. For now, however, I'm a little iffy on how to put together sentences, so I will leave and save more patterns for another post! I hope that all of you are having a nice week and will return soon.