Friday, December 31, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 31: Dragon Quest IV

Hello! Today is the final day of sprite patterns December here at Dork Stitch, and I have to admit that it will be slightly anticlimactic! I wanted to do some patterns of characters that were brightly colored with fluffy outfits, so I did some for three of the party members from Dragon Quest IV. It is a fun game, but not a very exciting story, so maybe it balances out. I'm a little stuck on what to type for today, though, so I suppose that's it for now! I hope you guys enjoy these patterns of Alena, Meena, and Maya, especially the 8-bit bikini top! Meena and Maya are on the same chart, since they used precisely the same color key, but other than that, these patterns should not be out of the ordinary!

With today's patterns posted, I suppose that I'm done for today, and, by extension, with sprite patterns December! I should have a post up tomorrow or the next day, though, so I'm still taking requests and am very interested in seeing your finished work if you decide to use any of these patterns! Either way, however, I hope you guys all have a happy new year and a very nice 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 30: Party Members From Final Fantasy VIII

Hello! Here at Dork Stitch, it's the next to last day of Sprite Patterns December, which I think is slightly lucky, seeing as I'm getting slightly tired of editing the sprites from Phantasy Star II. After tomorrow, though, I think that I'm going to do much the same thing with the sprites from Crystalis, so not much is going to change here. If you're curious about how those sprites look, they're slightly chibi-er than the Phantasy Star II ones, making them a couple of stitches shorter, but I think they'll work very well and make for a good change. I've used them before, in this pattern, in case you're curious as to what they look like, and if you have any requests to get the set started, of video game or cartoon (anime or not, I don't care) or really any of a lot of things, let me know! It should be a lot of fun, and I look forward to working on some new sprites! For now, however, I have patterns of Irvine and Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII to post for your stitching enjoyment! Irvine was requested by Tama a couple of days ago, but since it seemed sad to post a pattern of him without Selphie, I made a chart of her to match, nunchucks and all!

With today's patterns posted, it's time for the obligatory showing-off of finished versions of these patterns, though I was the one who stitched today's finished piece, so I guess it's not very exciting. My pattern of choice for today's project was last week's Asuka Kazama, and, as always, if you want to see a bigger version of it, she's over at my Deviant Art page, too! The thumbnail here ought to be sufficient, though, so here it is!

With all of that done, I am finished for today, but like I said before, I am starting to take requests for the next set of sprites, so please comment if there's anyone you're interested in seeing! Tomorrow is going to be the last day of sprite patterns December, but hopefully, that won't mean much.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 29: SNK's Yuri and King

Hello! Before I get too far, I want to say that I will be posting patterns that people would actually like tommorrow, since I have not lost my mind enough to think that most readers will pop up here and go, "Wow, it's another Art of Fighting day at Dork Stitch? Fantastic! There's nothing I love more than cross stitching miniaturized versions of characters from early 90s fighting games! Sure, I prefer Street Fighter, and if the writer had to go the SNK route, I'm not sure why she didn't use Fatal Fury, but I'll go with this!" After all, it would be ridiculous to think that, in your ensuing excitement, you would think the exact sequence of words that I just typed. The probability of it is very low. I think Art of Fighting is cool, though, and since I'd had these sprites done for a while, they seemed like good candidates for posting tonight. Plus, if you like these patterns of Yuri and King, I also have sprites for the girls from Art of Fighting 3, which I know are in higher demand than even these. Before I self-deprecate myself to death, though, here are the charts in question!

With King and Yuri thrown to the masses and ready to stitch, I have some lovely finished pieces to show off from reader and zippy stitcher Tama of Stitching Daze! If you want to see her stitching in all of its glory, along with some nifty hats, please direct your attention towards her previously linked blog! For now, though, please enjoy these small images of her stitched renditions of the Flo from Diner Dash and Haku Yowane patterns posted here earlier in the month!

With those posted, I've also stitched two of the patterns from the Street Fighter day a couple weeks back myself, though it probably took me too long to do them. A larger version of this image is available on my Deviant Art page, though I can't see what you'd miss if you just looked at this one. Either way, however, here is my stitched version of Chun-Li (in her more standard outfit) and Cammy!
With all of those things done, I'm out for today, but, as always, if you have any requests or finished projects to show off, let me know! The official end to sprite patterns December is only 2 posts from now, but I like making these sprites and regularly updating my blog a lot, making it really fun to write here after something of a dead period, so it won't by any means be the end of much. For now, though, I must depart!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 28: More Final Fantasy VII

Hello! Before I get too far into this post, I have to warn you that today is the sort of day where I keep trying to type Final Fantasy VII as Final Fantasy IVV, so a high level of coherence is perhaps not to be expected from the text portion of today's post. I do, however, have a cool, if not slightly random, set of patterns from the aforementioned typo victim to post today, so hopefully, that'll outweigh whatever other issues plague this post. Anyway, at the end of yesterday's post, I said that I was going to do some Final Fantasy VII patterns, so if anyone had any characters in particular they wanted to see, they should let me know. I did this partially because I like doing requests, since it's always fun to see if I can get a certain character to work well, and partially because I think I have much less fondness for Final Fantasy VII than a lot of people I have talked to do. Therefore, if the patterns I chose to make were all that got posted here, you'd end up with charts for Yuffie, Tifa, and that one guy early on in the game who tells you to push a certain button on the controller and then admits he's not sure what he's talking about. Thanks to Tama and Gatchacaz, however, today's patterns feature Sephiroth, Reno, Cid, and then Tifa because it's my blog and I thought that would be spiffy. I have to say that all of these patterns were really fun to make, since it was an interesting challenge to see if I could fit all of the details into the small space of a Phantasy Star II sprite, especially with Sephiroth, so I hope you guys like them, too!

With all of those patterns posted, I must take my leave of you for now, though I'm not sure what I'll post tomorrow! I really enjoy doing requests, though, so if you have any, I'm not going to confine them to this month. I just might be a day or so slower on getting the chart posted, and I plan on starting to do some charts based on a different outdated game's graphics soon. As always, I'd love to see any crafts you guys make with these patterns, too!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 27: Tekken, Yet Again

Hello! My post for today isn't going to be very long or exciting, but on Saturday (I think), I got a request for a pattern of Jin Kazama from Tekken thanks to jokeonly, so I have two new Tekken patterns for today's post! At first, I thought making the chart would be rather easy, but from early attempts at it, I learned an important lesson, which is that making shirtless guys in this sprite style is a next to impossible proposition without making them look slightly Gumby-esque. Because of this, I have to admit that I sort of wussed out and decided to use his Tekken 4/Namco x Capcom outfit, which, even though I think it's cooler, is a little less recognizable. I still think it turned out all right, though, and, feeling empowered by having pixeled the flames on his hoodie and sweatpants, decided to do a pattern of Ling Xiaoyu in her Tekken 4 outfit to match. I'd never tried to do a floral dress at such a small scale before, so I thought it might be fun to give it a shot, and, for the most part, I think it worked. Here are the patterns, though, so you can judge their quality (or lack thereof) for yourself!

At the moment, I don't have any finished work to post (though I stitched a Chun-Li that I suppose I should eventually scan), so I am done for today! On yesterday's post, however, I got a request from Tama for a pattern of Sephiroth, so I think that tomorrow, I will do a Final Fantasy VII themed pattern post! If there are any other characters in particular you'd like to see, let me know, because otherwise, I'll just make one of Sephiroth and a couple of other random characters. As long as I'm on the game, however, I might as well be making the characters people actually want to stitch tiny versions of, right?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 26: Pangya Placeholder

Hello! After my automated posting mishap, it feels like it's been ages since I last posted here, even though I know it's only been a day away from the blog. Today, however, I am ready to get back into a proper posting pattern with a new cross stitch pattern of Hana from Pangya and some very cute stitched work, courtesy of Stitching Daze's Tama! (I'm linking to her now rather than later because she crocheted a totally awesome ninja hat and some really pretty ponchos up in the same post as the finished work that are definitely worth a look.) Tomorrow, I plan to have a sprite up of Jin Kazama from Tekken, thanks to jokeonly's comment, with maybe another sprite or two to match, but since I've spent a disturbingly high percentage of the last two days playing Pangya, it only seemed proper to pay it tribute with a pattern here tonight. Hana got chosen because she's one of the two default characters for beginners, taking a distinct advantage over Scout with her fluffy dress and twirling pink ponytail, but if any of the rest of you play the game and want one of the other characters, let me know, since I have a lot of patterns for the series made up. For now, though, here is Hana!
With today's pattern posted and tomorrow's goal declared, it only seems right to move on to some lovely cross stitched sprites from the aforementioned Tama! Her work, just like last time, looks really excellent, with bright colors and shine provided by her three strands of floss rather than the more standard two (thank you for the tip in your last comment, she who is being typed about!). and extreme tidiness with each stitch! Without further chatter, here are her stitches of the Vincent Valentine and Farm Frenzy Scarlett patterns from a few days ago!

With all of the posting done for today, I suppose I ought to take my leave of you for now. I shall be posting again tomorrow, though, with shiny and fun new patterns! Despite today's delay, I am still taking requests and would love to see anything you do with the patterns, be it stitched or beaded or whatever your preference may be.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 25: Vocaloid Explosion

Note: As it so happens, the automated posting was ineffective and I am, in fact, irritated. Since this will take up my top spot for the next two days, however, please direct your attention directly below this for a nifty set of Scott Pilgrim patterns, too! Have a merry Christmas with no reason to glare at your computer as I am currently!

Hello! As you read this, I am speaking to you from the past, a past that occurred yesterday, as I desperately hoped that Blogger's automated posting was effective! If it was, you are reading this sometime on December 25th, and if it wasn't, you are reading this on the 24th or the 26th and I will be rather irritated. Either way, however, I have been trying my best to make cool patterns for all of December here at Dork Stitch, and hope that I have been at least somewhat successful. For Christmas, however, I wanted to do something slightly abnormal in terms of pattern posting, so I have nine Vocaloid patterns for you guys today! I do not know very much about Vocaloid, other than that the characters look cool and are fun to cross stitch, but I hope that you guys enjoy this load of patterns and that your favorite of them was included! (If not, try the patterns websites maintained by Dawn and Awenmir, who both have several detailed and pretty Vocaloid sprite patterns available for you to stitch.) Without any further typing, however, here are all of the Vocaloid sprites for all your crafting needs!

With all of those patterns posted and, in the case of Len Kagamine, dubiously cropped (which I should probably fix later), I will take my leave of you for today, or yesterday, as it were, and be back on the 26th with a more normal pattern post!

Sprite Patterns December Day 24: Some of the Girls From Scott Pilgrim

Hello, everyone! As some of you in similar time zones to my own may have noticed, today is Christmas Eve, which I have so far found to be a relaxing event. So far today, I have eaten breakfast, cross stitched, and eaten lunch, while in the next room, my sister is attempting to finished at least half of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in one day, which I wish her good luck with! I think it shows more ambition than I've got today. For now, though, I'm doing some stuff for this blog, both for today and tomorrow! Since today is Christmas Eve, I wanted to have a rather nice post, or at least one with patterns that people would actually want to stitch, so I spent way more time than I should have thinking about it. In the end, however, I decided it would be fun to post a few Scott Pilgrim vs. the World themed sprite patterns, featuring Knives, Ramona, and Kim. It seemed like it would be quite appropriate to make them look like characters from a 16-bit RPG, and the fact that I think Scott Pilgrim is awesome certainly didn't hurt the decision any. I was relatively happy with how these patterns came out, too. The outfit I used for Kim is pretty standard, I think, while the Ramona one is from the cover of one of the comics, as suggested by my sister when I was making it a couple of months ago. The outfit for Knives is a little less common, since she was wearing it in the comic and I just sort of made the colors up as I went, but it was still fun to work on, so I hope it's relatively recognizable! Before I go on and on about boring details for too long, though, here are today's patterns!

Since I'm going to go and work on tomorrow's post right away, I'm done for right now, but am still taking character requests and would love to see any craft projects you guys use these patterns for! Also, I want to thank you guys for all of the comments yesterday. I'm glad you all liked the patterns so well! Other than that, however, I'd like to wish all of you a happy holiday of your choice and an excellent Friday night and weekend!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 23: FFVII, Farm Frenzy and More Tekken!

Hello! I am a bit late in getting my post up for today, but it's only a little after ten as I type this, so I've got 2 hours before I miss my deadline for the day and lose my posting streak! Luckily, however, I don't think I'm in much danger of that happening, as today is a request day and I have three very lovely patterns to post, as suggested by Tama and Steny Luanda! In a comment on yesterday's post, Tama mentioned Scarlet from Farm Frenzy (which I just played for the first time and very much enjoyed) and Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII, and though I should have probably saved one of them to post tomorrow, I'm really pleased with how the both of the patterns came out, so I decided that I'd use them both for today's post. I think that those two patterns on their own would have made for a decent enough post, but this morning, I got a comment on a slightly older post from a user named Steny Luanda, who asked if I had a pattern of Asuka Kazama from Tekken. I already had the sprite ready to go, since I have quite a reserve of Tekken characters for my own stitching, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to put her up today, too. (I hope your sister likes the sprite!) I guess that all of this explanation is kind of irrelevant, though, so I'll just post the patterns so we can all get on with our lives! All three of these seem nifty enough to me, so I hope you guys like them, too!

Since I have no finished examples of any patterns posted for this month and am feeling a tiny bit off, I am going to leave this blog for tonight and prepare for the posts to come in the next couple of days! I'm still more than open for character requests, as you can probably tell from this, and would love to see finished craft projects based on any of these cross stitch patterns! I'll be back and posting again way before another 24 hours have passed, though, so I hope all of you do well until then!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 22: Princess Fury

Hello! It's day 22 of sprite patterns December already, which seems a little weird both because it doesn't seem like I've been doing this for so long and because I thought for sure I'd be posting an apology about my inability to keep up long before this point! This has been pretty enjoyable so far, though, so I'm continuing the month-long project today with a pattern of the main character from the iPod game Princess Fury. I do realize that this isn't the most monumentally well-known franchise I could have chosen, and that even for those of you who do play games on iPods and iPhones, maybe a side-scrolling beat 'em up with frilly dresses and blood flying all across the screen isn't everyone's cup of tea. As far as cross stitching goes, though, Princess Fury herself made for a really fun to design sprite, full of needlessly elaborate dress designs and a very nice pastel color scheme, so she might be fun to stitch even if you've never played the game. Here is the pattern, though, so you can decide if you like it or not!
With today's pattern posted, I'm done for now and am heading off to prepare patterns for the rest of the week, including a very big post to go up on Christmas! I might have to cheat and write it early, setting it to post itself on Christmas morning, but hopefully, you guys will like the set of patterns I'm getting ready for it. Until then, however, I've got two more days of relatively low key posts to do and am still taking character requests for the rest of the month, if there's someone you'd really like to see in this style!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 21: Tekken's Anna and Nina

Hello! It's day 21 of Dork Stitch's Sprite Patterns December, and I've just finished filling out a bunch of forms and addressing envelopes, so today seemed like a good day for some fighting game patterns! Usually, when I feel like some beloved head-kickers deserve space on this blog, I just use sprites from their respective games as a base for the patterns, but since Tekken is a 3D fighting game, I haven't been able to do so for any characters from the series before. Since none of the patterns posted this month have come directly from games, however, that doesn't currently matter, meaning that today's patterns of Anna and Nina Williams from Tekken are par for the course! When making these patterns, I used their outfits from Tekken 5 as a base, since I had the strategy guide for that game handy rather than having any specific attachment to that entry in the series over any of the others. For Anna, I don't think it really mattered, since her red dress seems pretty standard (and, on this pattern, easy to switch to blue, if you want the Player 2 color from Tekken 3), while for Nina, I think it was actually advantageous. The purple camouflage was a pain to pixel, but now that it's done, I'm rather proud of how it came out! Before I go on too long about the clothes on the sprites, however, here are today's patterns!

With those patterns posted, I don't really have much else to say for today, so I suppose I'll go for now! If you guys have any character requests, though, let me know and I'll do my very best to make a cool pattern of them! I'd also love to see it if you decide to use any of this month's patterns for your craft projects, so that your work can be properly shown off to all of the readers here!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 20: Vampire Princess Miyu

Hello, everyone! It's gotten to be day 20 of sprite patterns December here at Dork Stitch, and though I don't have a special commemorative pattern to mark the occasion, I do have a lovely sprite pattern for Vampire Princess Miyu, the titular character from a 90s (or 80s, depending on what version you're watching) anime about, of course, a vampire girl. I'm not sure how many of you reading this actually watched and/or liked the show, although I really liked it. It didn't deal a lot with really cute stuff or romantic storylines like some other vampire anime does, and though there was an overarching story, it was a little more episodic than some things. It was a very spiffy and messed up show, though, in both the creepy OAV and more normal TV series, so I would recommend it. (I know all of you out there are dying for anime recommendations from cross stitch bloggers, so I'm glad to have fulfilled my civic duty.) The pattern for today got made because I liked the anime, and she's getting posted because, although Miyu is a vampire, I thought I did a good job with this relatively frilly and girly pattern. Plus, I heard tell that vampires are what all the kids are into these days, so it was obvious that Miyu ought to be posted this month!

With Vampire Princess Miyu posted and ready for you to stitch or bead or whatever it is you'd like to use her for, I'm afraid that I'm done for today! Tomorrow, though, I'll be back with another pattern and more unnecessary chatter for all of you nice enough to read this blog. Until then, have a nice afternoon and evening, and thank you to all of the new followers, and old ones, too, for that matter!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sprite Pattern December Day 19: Dawn/Hikari

Hello! Today, due to a holiday gathering transpiring late in the afternoon, I am doing a rare morning post here at Dork Stitch, just to make sure that nothing causes me to miss a day of the lovely custom sprite cross stitch patterns December here at Dork Stitch! It's not going to be a very exciting post by any means, since I've only got one pattern and nothing else, but since yesterday, I had three patterns and then finished work from readers, I think it balances out quite well.

Today's sprite pattern features Dawn (or Hikari, if you're an international reader or very into refusing the characters have English names) from Pokemon, to match the Misty that I posted the week before last! I wasn't sure which pattern to put up here today, but since I'm stitching Christmas Pokemon for people in my family, it seemed reasonable that on my blog, I should post a trainer to match them. She's certainly not the most elaborate pattern that I've posted here, but the fact that she isn't at all complicated should make her especially fast to stitch or Perler bead or whatever it is you'd like to do with the pattern. Instead of just saying boring things about the Dawn pattern, however, I think it would be best if I just went ahead and put it up!
With Dawn up here for your stitching enjoyment, I suppose that I should continue on with my day! My next quest is to find some nice green origami star paper so that I can use it to fold and fill up a glass jar that looks like a grenade that I found at Salvation Army, but since that doesn't have much to do with stitching, I guess I won't get too far into it here. I hope the rest of you are having good luck with your respective crafts, though, and have a nice day, too!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 18: Chun-Li and One Co-Star

Hello! Like I've been talking about for the past couple of days, today's entry in the Dork Stitch Sprite Pattern a Day event involves Street Fighter, as was requested by Gatchacaz, who runs the very spiffy website Gatchastitch. If you're a cross stitcher that's into Final Fantasy VII even a little, she has some really cool patterns for the game, as well as some nifty blackwork stuff. Thanks to her, however, today's blog post is dedicated to three Street Fighter patterns that I've made in the past couple of days, all of which I'm relatively happy with! Two of them are of Chun-Li, one in her standard outfit and another in her slightly odd, but still fun to do, Street Fighter Alpha outfit. The third, however, is of Cammy, who I am not sure is a character people were really clamoring to have a pattern of or anything. In lieu of an explanation as to why she got chosen for this post, however, I will state that I already started stitching her. If there are any other Street Fighter characters you guys would like to see, let me know! I'm already working on patterns for Rose and C. Viper, mostly for my own purposes, but they're fun to make, so I'd be glad to do others. Before I get ahead of myself, however, here are the Chun-Lis and Cammy for today!

With those patterns posted, I have a lovely finished piece by Tama, who runs a blog called Stitching Daze, which used yesterday's pattern of Jill from Cake Mania! I'm only using a small version of the image here, to force all of you to go to her blog and look at her other, very impressive, work, but it looks so nice and shiny that I'm not quite sure if it was specialty floss or a really good photo or something else entirely. It's really nifty, though, regardless of why exactly it looks like it does.

Before I go, I have one more, more unusual use of my patterns to link all of you to, though I can't put an image directly into this post due to how it was used. At a relatively new blog called Beekeeperboy, a few of my patterns, including this month's sprites for Sailor Moon and Gogo Yubari, were used as templates for pixel art done by somehow using blocks of color as text. I'm not sure how it was done, but the overall effect is pretty cool, especially since a close look reveals the vertical gridlines and everything. It's pretty interesting, and fun to look through, too!

With all of that out of the way, I'm done posting for today, though I'll be back tomorrow with an as-yet unknown pattern! If you guys have any requests or finished work from this month's patterns to show off, though, let me know, since I'm certainly not going to complain about having more content!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 17: Cake Mania!

Hello! It's the 17th day of sprite patterns December here at Dork Stitch, meaning that the month is officially over halfway done without my having run out of things to post! A lot of that is because of reader suggestions and requests, for which I am very grateful, which led to today's pattern of Jill from Cake Mania, as suggested by Tama! Though I don't have very much to say about the game itself, this pattern was really fun to make, especially when it came to dealing with her hair. I was actually a little worried about making the poor girl look too much like Amy Winehouse, though in the end, I decided that as long as she wasn't in a tiny dress and hanging on to an armload of illegal substances, she would be fine. You can decide how strong the resemblance is by taking a look at the pattern for yourself, though, so here it is!
With that posted, it's time for me to move on to the completely self-serving display of one of my own stitched pieces from this month! The pattern I chose this time was of Elle Driver from Kill Bill, which I posted earlier this week, and it ended up being pretty amusing to stitch. You can see it in full at my Deviant Art page, but really, this thumbnail should be good enough to see what it all looks like.

I'm out of shiny new content for today, so I'm off to work on the patterns for tomorrow's ever so exciting Street Fighter patterns day! Until then, however, I hope that all of you have a good, or at least not boring, start to your weekends!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 16: Generic Christmas Girls

Hello, everybody! This doesn't sound very significant, but thanks to requests from you guys, I have today and the next two days planned out in terms of patterns to post, which is actually really fun! Like I said yesterday, today is dedicated to Christmas patterns, which were really fun to make, which tomorrow will be Jill from Cake Mania, and Saturday, thanks to the lovely Gatchacaz, will be dedicated to Street Fighter patterns! The only specific character she listed was Chun-Li, but I imagine that things will get far more out of hand than that. You guys don't have to worry about all of that for the next couple of days, though, since I'm getting back to the subject at hand!

Today's patterns are of a couple of fairly nondescript Christmas themed girls, since last week, Dawn suggested that I do some Christmas patterns, which seemed like a really fun idea. Admittedly, her idea was for specific characters, though that ended up being a slightly hair-pulling endeavor, but this still seemed like it would be cool, especially if any of you want to stitch a small gift and attach it to a card or hang it off of your tree or something. Plus, since neither the Santa girl nor the elf is a fan art pattern like the rest of these this month have been, it doesn't matter at all what colors you make them. I tried to choose colors based on if they looked befitting to the holidays or not, but once I got down to details like, "Oh, the elf girl should have bright blue hair! That would be awesome!" it was a bit more irrelevant. Regardless of all that, though here are the patterns I've been yabbering about, which I hope you like!

Now that the patterns are posted for today, I can move on to featuring some stitched examples of this month's patterns, which I haven't been able to do for a few days! Both of the stitches for today, of Sailor Moon and Etna, are by DawnMLC, and can be viewed in full at her Deviant Art page, and I think they look quite nifty! I'm partial to the Etna, but that's more a character preference than anything else, since both of them are really nicely stitched. I'll put up the images and let you guys decide for yourselves, though!

I think that I'm out of stuff to post now, but am preparing for tomorrow's thrilling post already! If you guys have any other requests, let me know and I'll get to making the patterns, and if you do use any of these patterns for your crafting projects, I'd love to feature them in future posts! Until tomorrow, though, I hope that you all have nice evenings and good starts to the next day!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 15: Lucky Star, Part 2

Hello! Yesterday, I started posting a set of four Lucky Star sprite patterns as a part of my initiative to do a pattern post a day for all of December, which means that today, naturally, I'll be posting the second half of this pattern set, featuring Konata and Miyuki! It's not overly exciting, and I don't have a whole lot to say about it, since my opinions on Lucky Star ought to be well known to readers of this particular periodical (if you could call a blog that), so here are the patterns!

Well, since these are today's patterns, it may appear that today's post will be quite short, and I actually think that will be the case. For the next couple of days, however, I'm going to do some request/suggestion patterns, of some Christmas-type characters, as suggested by Dawn, and of Jill from Cake Mania, as suggested in a comment left by Tama! (I need to do a bit of research on the second of them, since right now, I imagine Jill and Flo from Diner Dash locked in an icy death struggle over who is, indeed, doing the best about managing their time.) The patterns should be fun to make, though, so I look forward to being able to post them! I hope that all of you are having a nice day and will be back with more tomorrow.