Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Custom Sprite Patterns December- Day 1: Diner Dash

Hello! Today is December 1st, and this year, I haven't been posting here as often as I did last year. In some cases, this might be a good thing, since I'm not sure that the world needs to hear my somewhat insane thoughts and opinions on a constant basis, but it also means that the number of patterns popping up here is lower than it was, which is less nifty. Because of this, I have decided that, in December, I am going to post one (or more, in the event of patterns that match well) small sprite pattern every day. Since the holidays are coming, or here, depending on your outlook, it never hurts to have tiny and quick to stitch things to hand out as gifts to friends and relatives, and since I've been working on edits of Phantasy Star II sprites more often than I ought to be, I have a lot of patterns that I can post here.

In the days to come, you can expect piles of patterns that will make you question exactly who, other than myself, would want to stitch them, featuring patterns from such ever-popular games as Dino Crisis and Pangya, and characters from anime that's nearly a decade old. However, I will also be posting some smaller versions of characters that appear on this blog frequently, and some more popular characters that for now, shall remain unmentioned, though people who check my last paragraph "coming soon" garbage should be able to figure out who they might be. For today, though, I've decided to start things off with casual game heroine Flo, of Play First's Diner Dash games, because I think the game is fun and am happy with how this pattern turned out.

Though I said all of this when I posted the Pretty Sammy patterns in this style not too long ago, Flo should be easy to stitch and is very well suited to color switching, whether you want to customize her to stitch for a dedicated waitress friend of yours or just to fit the embroidery floss colors you've got lying around. Plus, having made several patterns in this style so far, I can say for sure that she can be cross stitched in under three hours, needlepointed in less than two, and Perler beaded in less than one, which will be true of all of the patterns I post this December.

If you like the pattern's style but are not all that into time management games, then keep watching this blog for the rest of the month! I'll be posting pointless sprites for you to stitch all month, and would love to see it if you decide to make any of them! If you've got any character requests for this month, feel free to let me know, too. Today may be a fairly mainstream day, but just remember- here at Dork Stitch, you're almost always just a post away from some sort of bizarre SNK-related fangirl rant. At any rate, though, I hope that all of you are having a good day and will be back and posting with another dinky sprite tomorrow!

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  1. Cool!! I have to stitch this tonite!! :)
    Printing it off now!! :)