Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sprite Pattern December Day 19: Dawn/Hikari

Hello! Today, due to a holiday gathering transpiring late in the afternoon, I am doing a rare morning post here at Dork Stitch, just to make sure that nothing causes me to miss a day of the lovely custom sprite cross stitch patterns December here at Dork Stitch! It's not going to be a very exciting post by any means, since I've only got one pattern and nothing else, but since yesterday, I had three patterns and then finished work from readers, I think it balances out quite well.

Today's sprite pattern features Dawn (or Hikari, if you're an international reader or very into refusing the characters have English names) from Pokemon, to match the Misty that I posted the week before last! I wasn't sure which pattern to put up here today, but since I'm stitching Christmas Pokemon for people in my family, it seemed reasonable that on my blog, I should post a trainer to match them. She's certainly not the most elaborate pattern that I've posted here, but the fact that she isn't at all complicated should make her especially fast to stitch or Perler bead or whatever it is you'd like to do with the pattern. Instead of just saying boring things about the Dawn pattern, however, I think it would be best if I just went ahead and put it up!
With Dawn up here for your stitching enjoyment, I suppose that I should continue on with my day! My next quest is to find some nice green origami star paper so that I can use it to fold and fill up a glass jar that looks like a grenade that I found at Salvation Army, but since that doesn't have much to do with stitching, I guess I won't get too far into it here. I hope the rest of you are having good luck with your respective crafts, though, and have a nice day, too!

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