Monday, December 13, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 13: Secondary Characters From Kill Bill

Hello! Today, I feel lucky that I hadn't made any concrete plans about this patterns post, since a joke my mom made about the possibility of someone getting killed with a sword, which is a bit of a long story, led to today's lovely and charming cross stitch patterns. After all, everyone knows that while you're sitting around the glowing Christmas tree, drinking hot apple cider with cinnamon sprinkled on top and listening to your favorite holiday music, the best thing to do is cross stitch characters from Tarantino movies! In order to help facilitate this traditional holiday cheer, today's sprite based cross stitch patterns for today are of Gogo and Elle from Kill Bill. I hope that at least one of you reading this likes these, since I really enjoyed making them, but, either way, here are the patterns!

These patterns are a bit different from others I've posted so far, since Gogo is the first pattern this month to be wielding any sort of weapon, and I ended up using a bit of backstitching on Elle's pattern, since the red cross on the eyepatch was difficult to convey just with pixels. (I know, this is a terribly common problem for all cross stitch pattern designers, so I ought to just shut up about it.) Despite these issues, however, both of them should be just as fast and easy to stitch as the rest of the patterns for this December, if not a little more bloodthirsty.

Before I leave you with just these patterns today, I have a photo of a finished project from this month's patterns that I got done last night! Those of you who watch me on Deviant Art have already seen this, right here, but if you just read this blog, here is my finished stitching of last week's pattern of Kensou and Athena from either King of Fighters or Psycho Soldier! I really liked making this and think it came out well, even if I was way too slow about doing it.

I think that I've done all of the damage I could be reasonably expected to inflict for the day, so I'm off to cross stitch my little Kill Bill sprites and play Pokemon cards and such. I'll be back tomorrow with more surprise sprite patterns in this month's somewhat extensive set, but if you have any character requests or decide to use these patterns for your own cross stitch projects, let me know! Until then, have a nice day with hopefully calmer weather than the past few days have had.