Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 14: Lucky Star

Hello! It's day 14 of the Dork Stitch December pattern post a day thing, which, not so interestingly, is close to the month's halfway point! I don't really have anything planned to mark this almost-occasion, but I thought that today, I'd post the first half of a set of Lucky Star sprite patterns I've made. As many long time readers of this blog may be aware, Lucky Star has been a mainstay in terms of cross stitch patterns I've made and posted when I'm not sure what else to do, since the characters are cute and it's fun to stitch them. Today, I'm not necessarily at a loss as to what to post, since I have a lot on reserve, but since yesterday's post had characters from Kill Bill, I felt like I should have patterns of characters who weren't too interested in lopping anyone's head off. Therefore, it seemed like the perfect day for these patterns of the Hiiragi sisters from Lucky Star, which you will find directly below this rambling block of text!

If you have a lot of lavender floss lying around, waiting to be used, I'm sure that these would make the perfect projects to put a dent in that supply! If you'd rather wait to have all four of Lucky Star's main characters to stitch, however, I'll have Konata and Miyuki posted tomorrow! I probably should have put them up first, but I really liked the patterns for Kagami and Tsukasa, so they got to be here sooner. Until I make that thrilling upcoming post, however, I hope all of you have a nice and semi-productive day!

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