Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 15: Lucky Star, Part 2

Hello! Yesterday, I started posting a set of four Lucky Star sprite patterns as a part of my initiative to do a pattern post a day for all of December, which means that today, naturally, I'll be posting the second half of this pattern set, featuring Konata and Miyuki! It's not overly exciting, and I don't have a whole lot to say about it, since my opinions on Lucky Star ought to be well known to readers of this particular periodical (if you could call a blog that), so here are the patterns!

Well, since these are today's patterns, it may appear that today's post will be quite short, and I actually think that will be the case. For the next couple of days, however, I'm going to do some request/suggestion patterns, of some Christmas-type characters, as suggested by Dawn, and of Jill from Cake Mania, as suggested in a comment left by Tama! (I need to do a bit of research on the second of them, since right now, I imagine Jill and Flo from Diner Dash locked in an icy death struggle over who is, indeed, doing the best about managing their time.) The patterns should be fun to make, though, so I look forward to being able to post them! I hope that all of you are having a nice day and will be back with more tomorrow.


  1. I don't know how many requests you've had hun, but I'd like to see some Streetfighter characters - especially Chun Li!

  2. Oh now I have that image in MY head... I will be snickering all day and coworkers will think I'm crazier than ever - lol!!!