Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 16: Generic Christmas Girls

Hello, everybody! This doesn't sound very significant, but thanks to requests from you guys, I have today and the next two days planned out in terms of patterns to post, which is actually really fun! Like I said yesterday, today is dedicated to Christmas patterns, which were really fun to make, which tomorrow will be Jill from Cake Mania, and Saturday, thanks to the lovely Gatchacaz, will be dedicated to Street Fighter patterns! The only specific character she listed was Chun-Li, but I imagine that things will get far more out of hand than that. You guys don't have to worry about all of that for the next couple of days, though, since I'm getting back to the subject at hand!

Today's patterns are of a couple of fairly nondescript Christmas themed girls, since last week, Dawn suggested that I do some Christmas patterns, which seemed like a really fun idea. Admittedly, her idea was for specific characters, though that ended up being a slightly hair-pulling endeavor, but this still seemed like it would be cool, especially if any of you want to stitch a small gift and attach it to a card or hang it off of your tree or something. Plus, since neither the Santa girl nor the elf is a fan art pattern like the rest of these this month have been, it doesn't matter at all what colors you make them. I tried to choose colors based on if they looked befitting to the holidays or not, but once I got down to details like, "Oh, the elf girl should have bright blue hair! That would be awesome!" it was a bit more irrelevant. Regardless of all that, though here are the patterns I've been yabbering about, which I hope you like!

Now that the patterns are posted for today, I can move on to featuring some stitched examples of this month's patterns, which I haven't been able to do for a few days! Both of the stitches for today, of Sailor Moon and Etna, are by DawnMLC, and can be viewed in full at her Deviant Art page, and I think they look quite nifty! I'm partial to the Etna, but that's more a character preference than anything else, since both of them are really nicely stitched. I'll put up the images and let you guys decide for yourselves, though!

I think that I'm out of stuff to post now, but am preparing for tomorrow's thrilling post already! If you guys have any other requests, let me know and I'll get to making the patterns, and if you do use any of these patterns for your crafting projects, I'd love to feature them in future posts! Until tomorrow, though, I hope that you all have nice evenings and good starts to the next day!

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