Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 18: Chun-Li and One Co-Star

Hello! Like I've been talking about for the past couple of days, today's entry in the Dork Stitch Sprite Pattern a Day event involves Street Fighter, as was requested by Gatchacaz, who runs the very spiffy website Gatchastitch. If you're a cross stitcher that's into Final Fantasy VII even a little, she has some really cool patterns for the game, as well as some nifty blackwork stuff. Thanks to her, however, today's blog post is dedicated to three Street Fighter patterns that I've made in the past couple of days, all of which I'm relatively happy with! Two of them are of Chun-Li, one in her standard outfit and another in her slightly odd, but still fun to do, Street Fighter Alpha outfit. The third, however, is of Cammy, who I am not sure is a character people were really clamoring to have a pattern of or anything. In lieu of an explanation as to why she got chosen for this post, however, I will state that I already started stitching her. If there are any other Street Fighter characters you guys would like to see, let me know! I'm already working on patterns for Rose and C. Viper, mostly for my own purposes, but they're fun to make, so I'd be glad to do others. Before I get ahead of myself, however, here are the Chun-Lis and Cammy for today!

With those patterns posted, I have a lovely finished piece by Tama, who runs a blog called Stitching Daze, which used yesterday's pattern of Jill from Cake Mania! I'm only using a small version of the image here, to force all of you to go to her blog and look at her other, very impressive, work, but it looks so nice and shiny that I'm not quite sure if it was specialty floss or a really good photo or something else entirely. It's really nifty, though, regardless of why exactly it looks like it does.

Before I go, I have one more, more unusual use of my patterns to link all of you to, though I can't put an image directly into this post due to how it was used. At a relatively new blog called Beekeeperboy, a few of my patterns, including this month's sprites for Sailor Moon and Gogo Yubari, were used as templates for pixel art done by somehow using blocks of color as text. I'm not sure how it was done, but the overall effect is pretty cool, especially since a close look reveals the vertical gridlines and everything. It's pretty interesting, and fun to look through, too!

With all of that out of the way, I'm done posting for today, though I'll be back tomorrow with an as-yet unknown pattern! If you guys have any requests or finished work from this month's patterns to show off, though, let me know, since I'm certainly not going to complain about having more content!


  1. :D Thanks for the nice comment about my stitching!
    Um, for Jill I just used DMC floss, but I used three strands instead of two. On 14 count it makes the stitches very fat and shiny, which I like for patterns like this.
    Or it could just be my camera XD

  2. Those patterns are ace hun! I'm gonna download all three and stitch them. I like the inclusion of Cammy, compared to other SF characters she tneds to get overlooked - I think you did a great job and I can't wait to see the other characters you're working on!

    PS - thanks for the website plug *HUGS* xx