Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 2: Cooking Mama

Hello, everyone! It's day two of Dork Stitch's December cross stitch pattern marathon, and I feel that the fact that I haven't quit the whole project yet is a massive sign that it will indeed be successful! Yesterday's pattern, of Flo from Diner Dash, turned out to be very successful in that she's already been stitched, which will be discussed more later in this post! After stitching Flo, however, DawnMLC, proprietor of Anime Stitching, asked if I had any plans to do a sprite for this month of Cooking Mama. Since I didn't really have any plans for this other than that I sort of wanted to do it, today's pattern is of the titular character in the Cooking Mama games!

Though I wasn't sure how Cooking Mama would translate into this style of sprite, seeing as she's all large-headed and chibi, it did go better than I expected, and the pattern turned out to make a perfect compliment to yesterday's Diner Dash one! I think I'm running out of games about food with recognizable characters, though. My mom suggested that I post one of Princess Peach, since she's known to make cakes, so she could well be tomorrow's pattern! (It doesn't hurt that I've had a sprite like this done of Peach for weeks, either.)

Since today's pattern is posted and done, it's time for the first finished sprite in the December sprite patterns marathon, stitched courtesy of the aforementioned DawnMLC! Though a full sized image and artist comments can be viewed on her Deviant Art page, the nifty stitching is well on display here, too.
Since I've managed to get both a new pattern and a lovely stitched version of yesterday's up here, I suppose it's time for me to sign off and get to work on some more charts! If you decide to stitch or Perler bead or do anything with the patterns from this month, though, let me know! It might get boring with nothing but patterns to post every day, so I'd love to link to your finished projects, too.


  1. Cool!! I'm sure I can get it stitched tonite!! :) Thanks!!

  2. Very nice!
    What about Jill from Cake Mania? She's fairly recognizable to a lot of peoples :D