Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 21: Tekken's Anna and Nina

Hello! It's day 21 of Dork Stitch's Sprite Patterns December, and I've just finished filling out a bunch of forms and addressing envelopes, so today seemed like a good day for some fighting game patterns! Usually, when I feel like some beloved head-kickers deserve space on this blog, I just use sprites from their respective games as a base for the patterns, but since Tekken is a 3D fighting game, I haven't been able to do so for any characters from the series before. Since none of the patterns posted this month have come directly from games, however, that doesn't currently matter, meaning that today's patterns of Anna and Nina Williams from Tekken are par for the course! When making these patterns, I used their outfits from Tekken 5 as a base, since I had the strategy guide for that game handy rather than having any specific attachment to that entry in the series over any of the others. For Anna, I don't think it really mattered, since her red dress seems pretty standard (and, on this pattern, easy to switch to blue, if you want the Player 2 color from Tekken 3), while for Nina, I think it was actually advantageous. The purple camouflage was a pain to pixel, but now that it's done, I'm rather proud of how it came out! Before I go on too long about the clothes on the sprites, however, here are today's patterns!

With those patterns posted, I don't really have much else to say for today, so I suppose I'll go for now! If you guys have any character requests, though, let me know and I'll do my very best to make a cool pattern of them! I'd also love to see it if you decide to use any of this month's patterns for your craft projects, so that your work can be properly shown off to all of the readers here!

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  1. coooollllll ^^ like it so muachhhh ^^
    By the way, do you hava asuka Kazama pettern? hehehe, my sister like her so much....She will be happy if she see her ^^