Friday, December 24, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 25: Vocaloid Explosion

Note: As it so happens, the automated posting was ineffective and I am, in fact, irritated. Since this will take up my top spot for the next two days, however, please direct your attention directly below this for a nifty set of Scott Pilgrim patterns, too! Have a merry Christmas with no reason to glare at your computer as I am currently!

Hello! As you read this, I am speaking to you from the past, a past that occurred yesterday, as I desperately hoped that Blogger's automated posting was effective! If it was, you are reading this sometime on December 25th, and if it wasn't, you are reading this on the 24th or the 26th and I will be rather irritated. Either way, however, I have been trying my best to make cool patterns for all of December here at Dork Stitch, and hope that I have been at least somewhat successful. For Christmas, however, I wanted to do something slightly abnormal in terms of pattern posting, so I have nine Vocaloid patterns for you guys today! I do not know very much about Vocaloid, other than that the characters look cool and are fun to cross stitch, but I hope that you guys enjoy this load of patterns and that your favorite of them was included! (If not, try the patterns websites maintained by Dawn and Awenmir, who both have several detailed and pretty Vocaloid sprite patterns available for you to stitch.) Without any further typing, however, here are all of the Vocaloid sprites for all your crafting needs!

With all of those patterns posted and, in the case of Len Kagamine, dubiously cropped (which I should probably fix later), I will take my leave of you for today, or yesterday, as it were, and be back on the 26th with a more normal pattern post!


  1. Hello, Missy! Kudos on posting with patterns for the whole of December. WOW! I wish you and yours a wonderful weekend filled with presents.

    PS When you get a chance, how about a Jin Kazama? Thank you. :D

  2. These are cute, and I don't even know the characters! I'm going to stitch the one of Haku Yowane just because I like it :D
    I'm done with Scarlett & most of the way done with Vincent; I'll be posting them on my blog later today!

  3. So cute! Slight sadness that you didn't make a Kaito pattern, but the rest of these will be sure to keep me busy. Thanks so much!