Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 26: Pangya Placeholder

Hello! After my automated posting mishap, it feels like it's been ages since I last posted here, even though I know it's only been a day away from the blog. Today, however, I am ready to get back into a proper posting pattern with a new cross stitch pattern of Hana from Pangya and some very cute stitched work, courtesy of Stitching Daze's Tama! (I'm linking to her now rather than later because she crocheted a totally awesome ninja hat and some really pretty ponchos up in the same post as the finished work that are definitely worth a look.) Tomorrow, I plan to have a sprite up of Jin Kazama from Tekken, thanks to jokeonly's comment, with maybe another sprite or two to match, but since I've spent a disturbingly high percentage of the last two days playing Pangya, it only seemed proper to pay it tribute with a pattern here tonight. Hana got chosen because she's one of the two default characters for beginners, taking a distinct advantage over Scout with her fluffy dress and twirling pink ponytail, but if any of the rest of you play the game and want one of the other characters, let me know, since I have a lot of patterns for the series made up. For now, though, here is Hana!
With today's pattern posted and tomorrow's goal declared, it only seems right to move on to some lovely cross stitched sprites from the aforementioned Tama! Her work, just like last time, looks really excellent, with bright colors and shine provided by her three strands of floss rather than the more standard two (thank you for the tip in your last comment, she who is being typed about!). and extreme tidiness with each stitch! Without further chatter, here are her stitches of the Vincent Valentine and Farm Frenzy Scarlett patterns from a few days ago!

With all of the posting done for today, I suppose I ought to take my leave of you for now. I shall be posting again tomorrow, though, with shiny and fun new patterns! Despite today's delay, I am still taking requests and would love to see anything you do with the patterns, be it stitched or beaded or whatever your preference may be.

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  1. You make me blush, lol!
    I'm having a blast stitching Sprites - can I ask for Sephiroth next?
    I have Flo about halfway done; I picked up a nasty cold though so I don't know if I will finish her or go to sleep when I get home :D
    If I finish her, she will posted on my blog tomorrow, hopefully with another Sprite (my sis found two patterns she wanted when I showed her your blog).