Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 28: More Final Fantasy VII

Hello! Before I get too far into this post, I have to warn you that today is the sort of day where I keep trying to type Final Fantasy VII as Final Fantasy IVV, so a high level of coherence is perhaps not to be expected from the text portion of today's post. I do, however, have a cool, if not slightly random, set of patterns from the aforementioned typo victim to post today, so hopefully, that'll outweigh whatever other issues plague this post. Anyway, at the end of yesterday's post, I said that I was going to do some Final Fantasy VII patterns, so if anyone had any characters in particular they wanted to see, they should let me know. I did this partially because I like doing requests, since it's always fun to see if I can get a certain character to work well, and partially because I think I have much less fondness for Final Fantasy VII than a lot of people I have talked to do. Therefore, if the patterns I chose to make were all that got posted here, you'd end up with charts for Yuffie, Tifa, and that one guy early on in the game who tells you to push a certain button on the controller and then admits he's not sure what he's talking about. Thanks to Tama and Gatchacaz, however, today's patterns feature Sephiroth, Reno, Cid, and then Tifa because it's my blog and I thought that would be spiffy. I have to say that all of these patterns were really fun to make, since it was an interesting challenge to see if I could fit all of the details into the small space of a Phantasy Star II sprite, especially with Sephiroth, so I hope you guys like them, too!

With all of those patterns posted, I must take my leave of you for now, though I'm not sure what I'll post tomorrow! I really enjoy doing requests, though, so if you have any, I'm not going to confine them to this month. I just might be a day or so slower on getting the chart posted, and I plan on starting to do some charts based on a different outdated game's graphics soon. As always, I'd love to see any crafts you guys make with these patterns, too!


  1. Is it at all sad that I have already started Sephiroth? I'm supposed to be finishing a wee snowman!
    Or that Reno made me squee? While I'm at work?!
    I have two Sprites to post when I get home, around 6:30pm EST.
    You might want to be careful about saying that request bit - I already feel like I'm stalking you!
    That said, how do you feel about Anime Sprites? With no game assosiations (that I know of)? Or, um... Irvine from the next Final Fantasy game? FVIII (I think?)

  2. So cute! I'm totally in love with Reno and Sephiroth!<3

  3. Well those are super cute hun!

    I'm really loving the Cid sprite *BIG HUGS* for doing him ^__________^

    I shall be sure to stitch him, and the others too!!!

  4. Ooo, I just noticed the comment re the 8-bit bootleg sprites you did - any chance of any more, they were fab too!!!!