Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 29: SNK's Yuri and King

Hello! Before I get too far, I want to say that I will be posting patterns that people would actually like tommorrow, since I have not lost my mind enough to think that most readers will pop up here and go, "Wow, it's another Art of Fighting day at Dork Stitch? Fantastic! There's nothing I love more than cross stitching miniaturized versions of characters from early 90s fighting games! Sure, I prefer Street Fighter, and if the writer had to go the SNK route, I'm not sure why she didn't use Fatal Fury, but I'll go with this!" After all, it would be ridiculous to think that, in your ensuing excitement, you would think the exact sequence of words that I just typed. The probability of it is very low. I think Art of Fighting is cool, though, and since I'd had these sprites done for a while, they seemed like good candidates for posting tonight. Plus, if you like these patterns of Yuri and King, I also have sprites for the girls from Art of Fighting 3, which I know are in higher demand than even these. Before I self-deprecate myself to death, though, here are the charts in question!

With King and Yuri thrown to the masses and ready to stitch, I have some lovely finished pieces to show off from reader and zippy stitcher Tama of Stitching Daze! If you want to see her stitching in all of its glory, along with some nifty hats, please direct your attention towards her previously linked blog! For now, though, please enjoy these small images of her stitched renditions of the Flo from Diner Dash and Haku Yowane patterns posted here earlier in the month!

With those posted, I've also stitched two of the patterns from the Street Fighter day a couple weeks back myself, though it probably took me too long to do them. A larger version of this image is available on my Deviant Art page, though I can't see what you'd miss if you just looked at this one. Either way, however, here is my stitched version of Chun-Li (in her more standard outfit) and Cammy!
With all of those things done, I'm out for today, but, as always, if you have any requests or finished projects to show off, let me know! The official end to sprite patterns December is only 2 posts from now, but I like making these sprites and regularly updating my blog a lot, making it really fun to write here after something of a dead period, so it won't by any means be the end of much. For now, though, I must depart!

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