Friday, December 3, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 3: The Princesses of Mushroom Kingdom

Hello, everyone out there in blog reading land! It's the third day of Dork Stitch's December patterns extravaganza, and today, I have two patterns to post! Yesterday, I was talking about posting a Princess Peach pattern, since I couldn't think of any other good characters from food-specific games to post and Princess Peach does occasionally make food. When I went to set up the chart for her pattern, however, I remembered that I'd also done a sprite for Princess Daisy, and it seemed like it would be better to post them together than separately. Part of this is because the patterns are very similar, other than the colors and some details on their dresses, but I'm also posting them on the same day because it seems like it's more fun to have both characters in the same post. Plus, I like Daisy better than Peach, because in games like Mario Kart, I'd rather play as the princess with brown hair, since that's what I have (deep thinking, right?), so I'm not going to relegate her to a lesser post than her more famous counterpart. Before I end up spouting anymore barely relevant information, here are the patterns!
As you can probably tell, these patterns are slightly more detailed than the ones from the past couple of days, which means that they might take a whole three hours to stitch rather than the lengthy two required of the others. I don't assume that'll be any great tragedy for those of you who want to stitch them, though, so I hope you enjoy these patterns!

Speaking of patterns from this month's pattern-a-thon getting stitched, DawnMLC of Anime Stitching and Deviant Art has also stitched yesterday's Cooking Mama pattern! She did a really spiffy job stitching it, so if you want to see the full sized image and leave your accolades, it can be viewed at the provided link to her Deviant Art gallery. I've been led to believe that these sprites she's done are part of a larger project, however, so I am curious as to what it may be! It could potentially be the first plot twist of Dork Stitch's pattern spree, which was totally unforeseen on my part.
Anyway, I have posted some patterns and alluded to some fairly contrived intrique, so I suppose I'm done for today! In the interest of being self-promoting, though, I do have to say that I'm off to post to the Twitter for, the gaming website that I've been doing tons of reviews for lately, which you can follow at @mygamernews. That was some subtlety, right? At any rate, I hope all of you have a good Friday night, and I'll be back with more patterns for you every day this month!

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  1. I think these are really cute hun, can't wait to see what else you do!!!