Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 4: Leela

Hello! For the past few days, I've been using the whole December cross-stitch-pattern-a-day thing to post patterns of characters from video games that aren't exactly known for inciting violence, unless you count Princess Peach's Super Smash Bros. appearances or Princess Daisy's ability to make some gamers want to pull their ears off during heated rounds of Mario Kart: Double Dash. Today's pattern, however, which was an idea that can be credited to my sister, features Leela from Futurama, a character that is not known for being in video games or standing around and helping people pretend to cook. I was really glad that my sister brought her up last night, since it was a cool idea and a fun pattern to make that I probably wouldn't have thought of otherwise, despite the fact that I've sat down to watch the show possibly hundreds of times. I'll go ahead and put Leela's pattern up here, though, and you can judge for yourself whether it was a good idea or not!
With that posted, I don't have much else for today, but if you decide to use any of the patterns from this month for your stitching or Perler beading or whatever craft it is you enjoy, feel free to show off your handiwork to be featured in these posts! I'm going to get started with stitching some of them when I get offline, so I hope you guys are enjoying them, too! Also, if you have any character requests, feel free to comment with them. These sprites may be small, but they're certainly versatile, so I'll do my best to make the characters you ask for.


  1. Very cool sprite!! Have you been watching Futurama :P

  2. When you mentioned Leela in your Twitter post about today's pattern, I'd be lying if I said an eyebrow wasn't raised at how you'd adapt Leela's uniquely, er, singular anatomy into a PSII sprite.
    However, it works. Previously raised eyebrow is now down. I guess it makes perfect sense; there's a pixel of space between the eyes on a typical PSII sprite, so it's the logical place for it.